Texel’s most beautiful nature spots

Nature on Texel

Beach, dunes, salt marshes, woods & polders

Texel is sometimes referred to as the Netherlands in miniature. An apt label, thanks to its rich variety of landscapes. Long beaches, vast dune areas, but also woods and polders. Very special are the wet dune valleys and salt marshes. Also unique are the island’s flora and fauna. From millions of wild orchids in June to the sea lavender that colours De Slufter purple in July and August. And, of course, the many birds on the island. A real treat for birdwatchers!

Nature conservation on Texel

De Krim Texel is inextricably linked to the island and nature on Texel. We see that Texel is also vulnerable. There are various organisations on Texel that care for nature and make it possible for all of us to enjoy it. That’s why we work closely together with nature conservation organisations Natuurmonumenten, De Waddenvereniging and De Vogelbescherming.

The best Texeltips

De Slufter

De Cocksdorp, De Koog

De Slufter is an amazing wildlife area; here, the sea can flow freely across the land, creating ever-changing scenery. Salt-loving plants make De Slufter a place of unique beauty. De Slufter is known for...

... its lovely footpaths and a huge variety of birds, including spoonbills. Summer turns De Slufter a wonderful shade of pink, lilac and purple while autumn is characterised by a red glow. 

Location: De Cocksdorp, De Koog

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De Koog

Dive into the sea at Ecomare! It’s your chance to see seals, porpoises and other marine life close at hand. The Whale Room has exhibits of giant skeletons: the sperm whale and humpback whale. At Ecomare...

...you'll learn how seals are taken care of and find out more about the Wadden Sea, the North Sea and Texel’s wildlife. Why not go on one of Ecomare’s excursions?

Location: Ruijslaan 92, De Koog

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Excursion: Salty creeks of the Slufter


The forester's tip for autumn? Put on your boots and go outside! Join us on an excursion and stroll through the salty creeks of the Slufter. Walking across the salt marsh, wading through creeks and climbing over dunes you will discover this special nature reserve...

 ... This excursion takes place in the part of the Slufter that is not freely accessible. You can enjoy it under the guidance of the Staatsbosbeheer Texel guide. Duration 2 hours.

Location: De Slufter, De Cocksdorp

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Wadden Bird Festival

De Cocksdorp
10-05-2019 - 12-05-2019

Birds are everywhere on Texel: there are many different species, often rare ones. Discover Texel’s wealth of birds at the Wadden Bird Festival. Texel has 380 different species of birds...

 ... so it has more birds than anywhere else in the Netherlands. The nutrient-rich mudflats are great stopovers for migrating birds. The event offers visitors lots to do.

Location: Kikkertstraat 42-44, De Cocksdorp

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Jan Plezier

De Koog

Jan Plezier’s covered waggon tours offer lovely trips across Texel, travelling through varied landscapes with heath, moist dune valleys, dry dunes, woods and wide beaches. See Texel’s...

...countryside from a covered waggon drawn by Belgian cart horses. This 3-hour covered waggon tour takes in the wildlife areas of De Nederlanden, De Muy, De Slufter and the beach, woods and dunes.

Location: Nikadel, De Koog

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De Vriendschap

De Cocksdorp

Take a day trip to Vlieland and explore the neighbouring island in your own time or go looking for seals! De Vriendschap offers an almost daily ferry service to Vlieland in the summer season, great for a day of...

... cycling or walking. The seal-watching trips take you to see the large groups of seals near Eierlandse Gat. 

Location: Volharding 2A, De Cocksdorp

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Walking Routes

Multiple Locations

A walk on Texel will produce wide, open views, varied and rich wildlife and lovely, quiet footpaths. The landscape changes from dunes to beach, from meadow to heath and woodland. Many kilometres of footpaths...

...and a wide range of paths are waiting to be explored. The National Forest Service built 180 kilometres of footpaths on Texel. And Society for the Preservation of Nature has very pretty routes too.

Location: Multiple Locations

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Explore the Wad


TX10 and TX20 sail almost daily from Oudeschild’s harbour for shrimping, seal-watching trips and guided walks on the mudflats. Sail with them! If you’d like to know...

 ...more about life on a fishing boat, see seals close up or go shrimping, take this exciting cruise! People of all ages will love it! Have the camera ready for great snaps!

Location: Haven 8, Oudeschild

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De Geul

Den Hoorn

De Geul is a long valley between two rows of dunes, with a small lake and an observation tower facing Mokbaai to guarantee wonderful views. Many rare...

 ... birds have made De Geul their home. In fact, it’s the site of the world’s largest colony of spoonbills, who share it with a large colony of gulls. The rangers here regularly organise excursions.

Location: Mokweg 18, Den Hoorn

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Multiple Locations

Texel has wonderful beaches. There is more than 30 km of sandy beach awaiting you! Take a walk along the beach, feel the wind in your hair or relax in the sun. Texel’s beach changes...

... with the season, but it’s always fun. If you want to be comfortable, why not rent a beach hut? On most stretches of beach, dogs are allowed off the leash. 

Location: De Cocksdorp, De Koog, Den Hoorn


De Cocksdorp

Is your child too small for a horse? No problem! At De Krim Holiday Park’s pony centre, your child can take a short ride through the woods while you lead the pony. A lovely woodland ride near...

... the holiday park so your child has fun outdoors with the pony. 

Location: Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp

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Den Burg, Den Hoorn, Oudeschild, De Koog, Oosterend, De Waal, De Cocksdorp

Bird expert Klaas de Jong shows you a large variety of birds in the loveliest parts of Texel’s countryside. Calidris is specialised in customised bird-watching excursions. These safaris are suitable for...

... people who love birds and prefer small groups. Choose between a half-day and a whole day safari, a weekend and midweek. You will be collected from your holiday address.

Location: Texel

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De Waal

De Waal

Texel’s smallest village at the heart of the island: De Waal Travel back in time as you walk through this tiny village. The culture-historical museum exudes same feeling of yesteryear. The village...

... is full of charming farms and old houses, so it’s worth well a visit. Waalenburg, the polder next to the village, is home to lots of birds. The shallow pools are great for skating in winter.

Location: De Waal

De Bollekamer

Den Hoorn

Few places in the National Park Duinen van Texel are as varied as the dunes of De Bollekamer. Go for a stroll in the dune valley. In the eastern part of De Bollekamer...

...the dunes are more whimsical. The rows of dunes create lovely views. The area is full of lovely walks. Perhaps you’ll see the Scottish highland cattle.

Location: Rommelpot, Den Hoorn

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De Mokbaai

Den Hoorn

De Mokbaai is a miniature version of the Wadden Sea, with salt marshes, mud flats, a channel and a mussel bed. De Mokbaai’s salt marsh is an important refuge for wading birds at high tide. Much of the bay...

.. is dry at low tide. The salt marshes run along its edges and there are two bird reserves in the north: De Petten and ’t Stoar, making De Mokbaai an ideal spot for birdwatching. 

Location: Mokweg, Den Hoorn

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De Dennen

De Koog

Mention Texel and beaches and dunes are the first things that come to mind. However, Texel has some beautiful woodland: De Dennen It’s great place for walks or bike rides. As well walking or biking in De Dennen...

... you can play and have picnics too. There’s a barbecue area, an MTB route and woodland playgrounds for the kids. The Alloopath is a wheelchair walk. 

Location: Ruijslaan 92, De Koog

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Bike Routes

De Cocksdorp, De Koog, Den Hoorn, Den Burg, De Waal, Oudeschild, Oosterend

Texel has a large network of cycle junctions - ideal for creating your own route. Information panels with a map of the network are dotted about the island. The cycle junction network...

... is easy to use: hop on you bike and follow the signs from one numbered junction to the next. You decide on the route and the number of kilometres.

Location: De Cocksdorp, De Koog, Den Hoorn, Den Burg, De Waal, Oudeschild, Oosterend

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De Vrijheid


Welcome on board De Vrijheid; come and see seals at close range. While you sail, you can watch Texel’s beautiful skyline and feel the sea breeze in your hair. Skipper Hutjes has plenty to tell...

... about Texel on your way to the seals. The trip lasts about an hour, so there’s plenty of time to take photographs of the seals.

Location: Haven 9, Oudeschild

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Texel’s unique flora and fauna

The saltwater conditions on Texel have given rise to unique flora and fauna, with sea lavender growing in nature reserves De Slufter and De Muy, for example. In June, millions of wild orchids bloom on Texel. Very rare elsewhere in the Netherlands, these wild orchids grow abundantly in the Texel countryside. 

The most beautiful nature reserve of the Netherlands

In 2016, the Dutch Wadden were voted the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands by the Dutch people. This video accompanied the competition entry and shows just how beautiful the Texel Wadden really are. 


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All prices of 2019 include VAT, reservation fee, final cleaning and bedlinen for the 1st person (holiday homes/furnished tents). The prices do not include the mandatory linen for the 2nd person, which cost € 8.95 pp - (holiday homes/furnished tents) evenas the tourist tax of €1.85 that is charged per night, up to 7 nights. Prices subject to change.

For group bookings, please contact the Booking office.

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