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A holiday on Texel is one big voyage of discovery. Experience that real Texel feeling in the island’s varied landscape, but also in typical Texel activities and Texel flavours. Come and discover Texel’s wonderful, unique charms!

The best Texeltips

De Slufter

De Cocksdorp, De Koog

De Slufter is an amazing wildlife area; here, the sea can flow freely across the land, creating ever-changing scenery. Salt-loving plants make De Slufter a place of unique beauty. De Slufter is known for...

... its lovely footpaths and a huge variety of birds, including spoonbills. Summer turns De Slufter a wonderful shade of pink, lilac and purple while autumn is characterised by a red glow. 

Location: De Cocksdorp, De Koog

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De Koog

Dive into the sea at Ecomare! It’s your chance to see seals, porpoises and other marine life close at hand. The Whale Room has exhibits of giant skeletons: the sperm whale and humpback whale. At Ecomare...

...you'll learn how seals are taken care of and find out more about the Wadden Sea, the North Sea and Texel’s wildlife. Why not go on one of Ecomare’s excursions?

Location: Ruijslaan 92, De Koog

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Excursion: Salty creeks of the Slufter


The forester's tip for autumn? Put on your boots and go outside! Join us on an excursion and stroll through the salty creeks of the Slufter. Walking across the salt marsh, wading through creeks and climbing over dunes you will discover this special nature reserve...

 ... This excursion takes place in the part of the Slufter that is not freely accessible. You can enjoy it under the guidance of the Staatsbosbeheer Texel guide. Duration 2 hours.

Location: De Slufter, De Cocksdorp

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Ouwe sunderklaas

Multiple Locations

People who really know Texel love Ouwe Sunderklaas! This folkloric festival unfolds in the evening, in living rooms and on the streets. The islanders poke fun at events on the island. Every village still has...

... its own traditions for Ouwe Sunderklaas. Exciting events of the past year are relived by villagers in fancy dress. Afterwards, everyone reveals his or her identity and shares a drink on the streets.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

Long June

Multiple Locations
01-06-2019 - 30-06-2019

Long June is Texel’s month of culture, a month with a large number of events with a focus on art, culture and music. Enjoy these amazing performances and show. During Long June...

... you can admire artwork, watch cabaret and theatre shows, listen to a range artists performing live but the real highlight is Sommeltjespop, the music festival.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

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Day of the Sheep

Den Hoorn

Enter the world of sheep on the “Day of the Sheep”, which features competitions, demonstrations and various sheep breed shows. Sheep are...

... sheared, milked and their hooves trimmed. Watch sheepmilking and sheepshearing contests or buy souvenirs. The venue is next to Den Hoorn’s church, or Novalishoeve if the weather is bad.


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Agricultural Day

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn’s Agricultural Day is a well-known event at which local Texel business can exhibit their products during a varied and fun programme. There are...

... various demonstrations and activities, including a tractor show, a gooseherd, a wood artist and much more. The youngest visitors can visit the petting farm.

Location: Kleiweg, near Den Hoorn. 

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Oudeschild’s harbour is the backdrop for HavenVIStijn, an event where Texel’s fishing fleet and the public meet. There is a range of fun activities and demonstrations, so why not...

... Stroll past the fish stalls at HavenVistijn and how the various species are related. Sample freshly fried or smoked fish, take part in an activity or sail with the lifeboat crew.

Location: Oudeschild

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Jan Plezier

De Koog

Jan Plezier’s covered waggon tours offer lovely trips across Texel, travelling through varied landscapes with heath, moist dune valleys, dry dunes, woods and wide beaches. See Texel’s...

...countryside from a covered waggon drawn by Belgian cart horses. This 3-hour covered waggon tour takes in the wildlife areas of De Nederlanden, De Muy, De Slufter and the beach, woods and dunes.

Location: Nikadel, De Koog

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De Cocksdorp

The lighthouse at Texel’s most northerly point reaches 45 metres above sea level. Climb to the top for the amazing views of the North Sea, Vlieland, the Wadden Sea and Texel. For many people...

... the lighthouse symbolises Texel perfectly. While the views are impressive, the climb to them are poignant too: here, the traces of the Second World War are still visible.  

Location: Vuurtorenweg 184, De Cocksdorp

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Sheep Farm

Den Burg

De Schapenboerderij has darling woolly lambs all year round. Here you can cuddle the lambs and watch the dogs in action as the herd the sheep. Get a taste of rural life! There’s plenty to do...

... on the farm. They have 25 different breeds of sheep. Other activities include pony rides, a straw maze, picnics and cuddling lambs.

Location: Pontweg 77, Den Burg

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The Meierblis

Multiple Locations

The Meierblis is a tradition on Texel. People get together around a large bonfire. Smaller fires are lit around the big one, so people can bake rolls, etc. The Meierblis dates from 1789…

... when people lit fires to chase away the winter sprites to make way for the spirits of spring and summer. The Meierblis is held on 30 April except if that is a Sunday, when it is on 29 April.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

Kaap Skil


Museum Kaap Skil is an eclectic museum with a focus on Texel’s stories and adventures about the hard life at and with the sea. Kaap Skil has indoor and outdoor entertainment for the whole family! Learn about the Texel...

... Roadstead, the most important anchorage of the Golden Age, in the award-winning entrance. This living museum features interactive exhibitions as well as crafts, beach-combing stories and workshops.

Location: Heemskerckstraat 9, Oudeschild

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De Cocksdorp

Woolness combines wellness with Texel wool. You are wrapped in wool and left to relax in a manger. It’s an unusual Texel experience, where you can completely recharge in...

 ... a cosy wolboet. You’ll be tucked in under a soft sheepswool blanket and left to dream while the natural lotion in the wool does its work. Wool baths are an ancient custom among farmers. 

Location: Postweg 134, De Cocksdorp

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Culture Museum

De Waal

Learn all about (rural) life on Texel at culture-historical museum De Waelstee. This traditional stolpboerderij has is a treasure trove of everyday objects, stories and demonstrations. The museum...

... paints a picture of Texel’s cultural past. It features a fine collection of carriages and tools. Listen to authentic stories and watch the blacksmith, lace-makers and spinners at work

Location: Hogereind 6, De Waal

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Come and see, smell and sample: take a tour of the brewery and find out why Texel’s craft beers are so special. Don’t forget to sample the brews in the brewery’s tasting room. If you want to learn how...

 ... Texel’s craft beers are brewed, take a tour of the brewhouse, the fermentation room, the conditioning room and the bottling plant, then select your favourite at the beer-tasting.

Location: Schilderweg 214 B, Oudeschild

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Enjoy a relaxing wool bath

A wool bath is a bath of pure Texel wool. There is something incredibly relaxing about being wrapped in 100% Texel sheep’s wool ... The warmth is good for muscles and joints and helps release toxins. The lanolin in the wool has a healing effect and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft. In short, this is wellness Texel style. 

Indulge: Texel craft beer

At the old dairy factory of Oudeschild milk processing has made way for the production of Texel craft beer. You can visit the brewery, join a tour and, of course, taste the different beers at the Texelse Bierbrouwerij pub. Skuumkoppe, Springtij or Noorderwiend, what is your favourite?


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All prices of 2019 include VAT, reservation fee, final cleaning and bedlinen for the 1st person (holiday homes/furnished tents). The prices do not include the mandatory linen for the 2nd person, which cost € 8.95 pp - (holiday homes/furnished tents) evenas the tourist tax of €1.85 that is charged per night, up to 7 nights. Prices subject to change.

For group bookings, please contact the Booking office.

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