Try Out: Flitsbezorgd

Laughing, whooping, roaring

Dolf Jansen - 'Flitsbezorgd'

June 24 2022 in Event Hall Texel

We have got used to everything being delivered to our door within 10 minutes (!): crisps, barbecue sauce, 2 bananas and ketamine for the whole weekend. Dolf Jansen is going to do it differently again in this Try Out: 'Flitsbezorgd'. And with this performance, Dolf Jansen is slowly heading towards his 34th New Year's Eve show. This show is in Dutch.


In 100 minutes (!) Dolf begins with a year that started between lockdown and FREEDOM. And via war in Europe and other transgressive behaviour to an exciting summer 2.0, and of course another big sports event in a place where nobody wants to be.
The Try Out 'Flitsbezorgd' brings hope, comedy, poetry, improvisation but also a plea for peace and humanity in places where aggression and fear have been the order of the day for long enough.

Dolf Jansen

Dolf Jansen is one of the best-known cabaret artists in the Netherlands. He is also a writer, musician, presenter and marathon runner. He started his cabaret career, successfully, in 1989 with Hans Sibbel (Lebbis) when they entered the Leids Cabaret Festival. This was followed by many sold-out cabaret programmes for the duo Lebbis and Jansen, including New Year's Eve programmes. Since 2006 Dolf has been touring the Dutch theatres with his own theatre programmes. Jansen provides brilliant shows, especially New Year's Eve conferences. The 2022 New Year's Eve show is also already a guarantee for a lot of laughter.



Date: Friday June 24 2022
Hall opens: 8:00pm
Start show: 8:30pm
Location: Events Hall Texel at Holiday Park De Krim, Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp.
Ticket price: €19,00
Parking and cloakroom: Free

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Please note: this show has seating only. If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us at or on +31(0)222 390 118.

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