Sjaak Bral

New Year's Eve Show

Of course, for these performances we will apply the guidelines of the RIVM that are valid at that time. In the unlikely event that the performance cannot take place due to corona measures, the money paid for the tickets ordered will be refunded. You can find current information at:

Sjaak Bral – New Year's Eve Show

End the year laughing during Sjaak Bral's New Year's Eve Show. With sharp jokes, touching songs and a joke machine on stage. 

Farewell 2021

The New Year's Eve show Vaarwel 2021 will be a cheerful performance about defeating the Corona virus. How the world struggled out of Covid's stranglehold on vaccinations and how everything was back to normal.

At least, that would be nice. The only thing we know now is that we know nothing, well, at least we know this: that Sjaak will be playing his 25th New Year's Eve show.
So it's an anniversary!
The comedian from The Hague will enchant you with his generous laughter and cover you with a thick layer of humour from The Hague. Lekkâh!



Date: Saturday, 13 November 2021
20.00 open
20.30 - 22.00 show
Location: Events Hall Texel at Holiday Park De Krim, Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
Ticket price:
Parking and cloakroom: Free
Tickets: This show has been cancelled.
If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us at or on +31(0)222 390 118.

Measures: According to the measures of the National Government, you must be able to show a COVID Certificate at this event. This certificate proves that you have been fully vaccinated, have a valid recovery certificate or have a negative test result that is not more than 24 hours old. Read more 

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