A complete makeover for Om de Noord Campsite

When the summer season comes to a close, Om de Noord Campsite will undergo a complete change. In the winter, the tents, caravans and camper-vans will be replaced by luxury, sustainable holiday cottages. If everything goes according to plan, De Koog Villa Park will open its doors to the public in 2019. 


A growing demand

De Krim Texel is responding to a nation-wide demand for luxury overnight accommodation by investing in the construction of 48 luxury holiday homes. De Krim Texel still owns the campsite and will be in charge of its management and rentals. Several types of cottage, accommodating 4 and 6 guests, are to be built; they will be link-detached so they can be converted into villas for 8 or 12 people. We are also building a number of extremely plush, 6-person cottages with private pools. Unique on Texel.

Villa Park De Koog, villa 6p. swimmingpool

Sustainable and typically Texel

The cottages, designed by Rotterdam-based architect Hans Moor and Texel-based architect Ingmar Veeger to fit in with the surrounding countryside, have a very modern look. Many other Texel-based companies have been called in to help with the construction. The cottages feature sustainable facilities, including solar panels, geothermal heating, LED lights, electric charging posts and a high R-value, ensuring effective insulation.

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Choices for campers

However, campers have not been forgotten and are still welcome in De Krim Texel’s two large dune campsites: Loodsmansduin near Den Hoorn and Kogerstrand close to De Koog. In addition, De Krim Holiday Park has a large campsite for families and De Shelter Campsite is a small campsite with an intimate ambience close to the beach and the centre of De Koog.

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