A first in the Netherlands

At Holiday Park De Krim

Interactive playing on Texel!

Playground expanded with unique attraction 

The playground at Holiday Park De Krim will be expanded with two unique attractions in the spring of 2020. A first in the Netherlands, Texel will boast the interactive wooden playing cube ‘Halo Cubic Diamond’. The new wooden Memo takes playing outside to a new level. The play equipment is a wonderful complement to the pool, the children’s playground, the games room and the climbing park. At De Krim Texel, there is plenty to see and do for all. No one need be bored.

Halo Cubic Diamond

It’s a rollercoaster on one square metre! All Halo Diamond testers say the same thing: “This is something you really have to try for yourself.” Because the cube is not placed flat on the ground but at an angle, people’s balancing and navigation skills are tested in an unexpected way. It is a challenging and very special experience. The cube has some familiar elements, such as a ball and a rope net, and there’s access to the slide, too. 

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Wooden Memo 

This is playing outside 2.0. The wooden Memo gives playing outside the traditional way a facelift. Fun is the most important thing, but the wooden Memo teaches children arithmetic and skills such as cooperation at the same time. Memo consists of seven play pillars on a round playing floor. The Memo play pillars are operated in a way similar to smartphones and tablets. Children play the games by touching the screen and swiping. The playing floor brings the playing pillars together, visualises the running routes and stimulates children’s imagination to come up with new game rules.

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