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Happy Birthday is a treat!

De Krim Texel celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. All the more reason for a party! That's why we treated our guests, followers and fans from 23 December to 31 December 2020 to a Rain of Prizes that was completely dedicated to 'Hart voor Texel'. Because: 50 years De Krim = 50 years Hart voor Texel!

Prizes and prize winners (1/2)

In total we gave away 50 prizes from 23 till 31 December 2020: one for each year. The following prizes have been won: 

  • Sailing with the KNRM, won by:
    Floyd Heidinga, Annegien Bleijinga, Peter van Vuuren and Marry Askamp
  • Round trip flights over Texel, won by:
    Menke Runge and Esmeralda de Keyzer
  • Beach sailing on the Texel beach, won by:
    Erica Esselink-van Der Kamp, Kimberly van Voorst, Sandra Donckers and Nancy Kramer 
  • Tickets for the swimming pool at Holiday Park De Krim, won by:
    Wilfred Volkers, Ellen Sickmann, Yvonne Touber, Menke Runge, Noes Kuinder, Annemarie Van de Giessen, Marianne Ouburg Vlot, Mattijs Dam, Jacqueline Kapiteijn, Els Jaspers-Beckers, Ramona Potuyt, Lisanne Sandink, Chantal, Monique Roos, Tim Rook, Brenda Charité, Olga Lindhout, Carlijn and Leonie Maathuis 

Prizes and prize winners (2/2)

  • Texel gift boxes, won by:
    Cynthia van der Tuijn - Bonne, Erica Esseling, Anita te Gussinklo and Inge van der Aart 
  • Texel nature calendars, won by:
    Eline Stikkelman-Slutter, Sabrine van den Oever-Dobbelaar, Erwin Munsterman and Caroline Horjus 
  • Zaza stuffed animals, won by:
    Joke van der Wey, Felicia Hoekstra-Rinsma, Jens van Vulpen, Manou de Jonge, Lilly Fijnenberg, Peeters Wendy, Wilfred Volkers, Femmie Mulder, Marion Vonk Noordegraaf and Rommy Talman 
  • Dapper Winter Packages, won by:
    Ans Fokker and Kim de Vries
  • Grand prize: weekend on Texel at Holidaypark De Krim in chalet type Vuurtoren, won by:
    Nicoline Papot-Heimgartner.
Love for Texel

We have felt a responsibility for the island of Texel from the very beginning. Our memorandum of association literally states: ‘Their goal is to operate this site as a leisure facility and thus improve the livelihoods of the residents of Texel and Eierland in particular’. This philosophy is still very much alive. This is manifested, among other things, in the choice of suppliers, social personnel policy, support for social and cultural activities on Texel and investments in sustainability. Care for our environment: that is our "Love for Texel

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Update: January 5, 2021 10:00