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at the crabbing dock

Crab fishing

 The crabbing pier in the Waddenhaven is fun! Come here to fish for different kinds of crabs. These animals play an important role in the Wadden Sea ecosystem. They are omnivores and clean up dead animals in the water. The crabs themselves are food for birds. While fishing, feel free to look around at the different ships in the harbour and the beautiful horizon.

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How do you fish for crabs?

Step 1

Take a piece of string about 3/4 of a metre long and tie a clothes peg at the end. Take this, a bucket and some ham to the harbour of Oudeschild. Find a suitable location on the harbour where the water is not too deep and reasonably clear. 

Step 2

Fill the bucket with a little seawater and place it on the jetty. Put a bit of ham between the pegs and let it sink into the seawater on the string. Crabs love ham and smell it immediately. The crabs come running and put their claws into the ham. Now pull the string carefully upwards so that the crab comes along. 

Step 3

Ecomare is a nature museum and seal sanctuary, located in the National Park 'Dunes of Texel'. Get to know the nature of the coast and the sea. Close to Ecomare, you will also find the conservatory, where you can learn all sorts of things about the stars in our universe. These two make it a place where your curiosity will be nourished. 

Visitor information

Attention: Treat the crabs with respect and handle them with care!
Address: Haven 26, Oudeschild
Website: Crab fishing
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