Emergency numbers & medical help around De Koog

Listed below are the telephone numbers and practical information for emergencies and medical help for people and animals around De Koog.

Call 112 for urgent cases, such as life-threatening situations, to report crimes that are in progress or in any other situation where every second counts. Once you have done so, do also inform the manager of the park where you are staying!

0900 8844
The number 0900 8844 is for contacting the police only, for all non-urgent cases and for information. The address of the police station on Texel is: Pontweg 104, Den Burg.

Holiday Park De Krim, Camping Loodsmansduin and Villa Park De Koog have an AED. See all AED locations on Texel: https://www.aedtexel.nl/aed-kaart-texel

Den Burg:
Praktijk Haasdijk/ Den Breejen
Pontweg 106
+31 (0)222-316 234

Praktijk Dros/ Hoekstra
Molenstraat 87
+31 (0)222-321 123

Praktijk Vos
Keesomlaan 9
+31 (0)222-312 023

Praktijk Uithoven en Plasmans
Pontweg 106
+31 (0)222-312 016

Praktijk de Witte
Pontweg 106
+31 (0)222-320 005

De Cocksdorp:

Praktijk Haasdijk en Den Breejen
Kikkertstraat 34
+31 (0)222-316234

Consultations by telephone appointment only; to request a doctor’s visit, call between 8:00 and 9:00. Telephone consultations on weekdays from 14:45 to 15:15. 

If you call outside of surgery hours, you will be referred to the out-of-hours doctors service, 0222 321 143 

Den Burg:
Weverstraat 95
+31 (0)222-312112 

By telephone appointment only, telephone numbers: 0222 314 727/313 086/312 270/314 669/322 008. For accidents and urgent cases outside of surgery hours, call (06) 53 67 12 46.

Keesomlaan 11, Den Burg. Call 0222 312 527 to make an appointment, but also for emergencies.

Texel has a large number of garages all over the island; any of them will be pleased to help you. On Texel, roadside assistance is provided by the Dros (Eierland) and Grisnigt (Den Burg) garages and Schoenmaker Autoschade in Den Burg is a FOCWA-registered vehicle damage and recovery business: tel. +31 (0)222 - 313111.