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Texel Top 10  

There is so much to do and experience on Texel. But what is the most fun? We ask all our guests after their stay. From the thousands of responses we have compiled the top 10 for 2022 for you. 

See immediately which outings have made the top 10, what is number 1 and whether your favorite outing is there too!

Tip 1: Cycling 

The Netherlands is truly a cycling nation, and this is no different on Texel. That’s why it’s not surprising that cycling is ranked at number 1. With over 140 km of cycle tracks across the entire island, this is the perfect way to discover Texel in a relaxed pace. The cycling tracks guide you through the dunes, the beautiful forests, vast polders and of course past the hotspots of Texel. Read more about Cycling on Texel.

“Rent (electric) bikes. Use the car a little as possible. That way, you can experience the island like no other.”
- Senior couple


Tip 2: De Slufter 

De Slufter has an open connection to the North Sea. As a result, there are lots of plants that do well in a salty environment, such as glasswort and sea lavender, which ensure a superb purple patch of colour in the summer. De Slufter is also the nesting and resting place for many birds. Go on the De Slufter scavenger hunt with the kids for an adventurous experience. Read more about De Slufter.

“You truly should visit De Slufter. It’s remarkably beautiful. Even for children.”
- Family

Tip 3: Walking 

Put on your hiking shoes and go! This is something that many visitors do on Texel. You can take the paved paths or choose the unspoiled nature trails. Walking on Texel is also fun for children, because spread out across the different routes there is fun playground equipment. Or walk the fun Sommeltjespad trail. A guaranteed success with the kids. And of course, your dog can also run along. Read more about Walking on Texel.

 “Visit the Hors for peace and quiet and endless hikes, even in the high season.”
- Senior couple with dog


Tip 4: The lighthouse 

The ultimate symbol of Texel is located on the most northern point of the island: the lighthouse. After a 118 stair climb, you reach a splendid view of the North Sea, the Wadden Sea, the northern part of Texel and neighbouring island Vlieland. Some visitors have said they could even see England and the North Pole with clear weather. You do need some binoculars for that (and yes, to be honest, a little bit of imagination). Read more about the lighthouse.

“Go to the lighthouse during the evening light. The most stunning light and the best photos of the holiday.”

Tip 5: Ecomare 

Ecomare is visited by a great many of our guests, and they all recommend it! Of course, people of all ages enjoy watching seals, sea birds. fish and other sea creatures. Moreover, it is also educational. You can discover everything about the world heritage Wadden Sea, the North Sea and Texel and various nature excursions are organised at the nature museum of Ecomare. Read more about Ecomare.

“Excursions through Ecomare. Super interesting and you can experience the beautiful nature even better!”
- Family

Ecomare,  zeehond, texeltips

Tip 6: Beaches 

Did you know, there’s more than 30 kilometres of beaches waiting for you on Texel? That means there’s room for everyone! Of course, it’s a great place to enjoy the sun or show off your sandcastle building skills. Or would you rather take a nice stroll and leave all the stress of the day behind you. Read more about the beaches on Texel.

“Nice visits to the beach, there are more than enough quiet spots to find.”
- Senior couple

Tip 7: IJsboerderij Labora

In 2003, the Rodenburg family set up an ice-cream factory alongside their dairy. It’s called Labora. All of the ice cream is handmade using milk from the family’s own cows. On summer days, more than a thousand people come to enjoy this home-made ice cream. The big favourite is Strawberry Knoert, made using fresh strawberries, but there are lots of other flavours.
Aside from ice cream, there are plenty of other things to do at Labora. Visit the cowshed and see the 120 cows or take a walk to the meadow and watch the deer. There’s also a bouncy castle, a climbing tower and a slide. There’s plenty to keep everyone happy! Read more about the IJsboerderij Labora

"IJsboerderij Labora is within cycling distance. A big bouncy castle for the children."
- Family

Tip 8: Sheep farm 

When you say Texel, you say sheep. That is because the island is inhabited by more sheep than by humans. A visit to the Schapenboerderij (The Sheep Farm) is an absolute must, especially with young children. There are so many animals walking around, no one has to be bored for even a second. However, the absolute highlight of a visit is the cuddling with the lambs. Read more about the Sheep farm.

“The Sheep Farm in Den Burg for a family with young children.”
- Family

Tip 9: Nature 

Sometimes, it is said that Texel is like the Netherlands in a nutshell. You can find such a variety of nature here: beautiful dunes, vast polders, nutrient-rich salt marshes. Texel is home to about 40 nature reserves. So it makes sense that our guests appreciate nature that much. Read more about the Nature on Texel.

"Every child/ Dutch person has to have visited Texel at least once in their life, to experience the beauty of Texel/the Netherlands and the Wadden Sea. Superb nature reserves.”
- Family


Tip 10: De Vriendschap

You can watch seals at Ecomare, but if you want to spot seals in the wild, De Vriendschap is the place to go. You will find them in De Cocksdorp. In addition to their famous seal-watching trips, De Vriendschap also offers a variety of other trips and excursions. Why not opt for a day trip to Vlieland, the special evening tour or the Mud Flats excursion? On the Mud Flats excursion, you will actually venture out onto the mud flats and learn all about life on the Wadden Sea bed. Read more about De Vriendschap .

"Take a Mud Flats excursion with De Vriendschap Wadden Sea ferry! It’s fun and informative."
- Family

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