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The best activities through the eyes of our guests

There is so much to do and experience on Texel. But what makes a visit to Texel so special? We let our guests have their say! We have compiled the list of the top 10 best activities on Texel, based on thousands of guest reactions. Be inspired by the experiences and recommendations of others and experience Texel for yourself!

1. Discover Texel by bicycle 

Cycling on Texel is the most frequently mentioned tip by our guests! With 140 kilometres of beautiful cycle paths across the island, this is understandable. There is plenty of variety; cycle through the dunes, over the dikes, through the woods and to the various villages. Moreover, cycling takes you to places you cannot reach by car. Read more about the cycle routes.

Did you know that Texel has more than 30 viewpoints that you can easily reach by bike?

"We really enjoyed the cycle paths on Texel. Every route we discovered something new." - Koppel


2. Enjoy ultimate beach days

For many people, the beach is the main reason for visiting Texel. There is no shortage of beaches on Texel, with over 30 kilometres of sandy beaches waiting for you here. Whether you come to relax, or enjoy water sports, with so much beach there is something for everyone. Are you coming to Texel with your dog? Then you should walk between beach posts 12 and 21. Are you looking for a stretch of beach for water sports activities? Then post 17 is very suitable. Experience for yourself why the beach is a highlight for a visit to Texel and find your perfect spot among the dunes.

Did you know that Texel is one of the few beaches in the Netherlands where you can watch both sunrise and sunset over the sea?

"Building sand castles, searching for shells, our children couldn't get enough of the beach." - Family with young children

3. Explore De Slufter nature reserve 

At number 3 chosen by our guests, De Slufter. Texel's most famous and unique nature reserve. More than a century ago, Texelaars tried to close this opening in the dunes, but time and again nature won out over man. With the tide, salt water flows in and out of the area. When it storms from the northwest, the whole area floods, a spectacular sight. Only plants that can tolerate salt water grow there. In summer, the plain is purple with flowering sea lavender. De Slufter is a must-see on Texel!

Did you know that De Slufter is the only area in the Netherlands where the sea can flow in unhindered? Which is unique to our landscape.

"We were very impressed by De Slufter, with its beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings." - Senior couple


4. Marvel at Ecomare 

Ecomare is visited and recommended by many of our guests every year. We understand that, it is fun for all ages. Visit the seals, seabirds, fish and all the other sea creatures (be sure to visit during feeding time) or check out the giant skeletons in the Whale Room. There is also plenty to discover about the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, the North Sea and Texel, and various nature excursions are organised. 

Did you know that Ecomare is not only a seal sanctuary, but also one of the oldest nature museums in the Netherlands?

"The children were completely fascinated by the seals. Ecomare was educational and fun for the whole family!" - Family with teenagers

5. Explore Texel on foot

Besides cycle routes, there are also many walking routes on Texel. So don't forget your walking shoes! Enjoy a walk through the Mok Bay and the Hors or extend a visit to the lighthouse with a walk through Eierland. There are also plenty of areas and routes where you can take your dog for a walk. Are you coming to Texel with (grand)children? The sommeltjespad is guaranteed to be a success with the kids.

Did you know that, according to local legend, 'Sommeltjes', a kind of earthmen, live on the Sommeltjespad

"During our walks, we came across surprisingly beautiful views every time. Texel really is a hiking paradise!" - Young family


6. Climb the Texel lighthouse

At the northernmost tip of Texel stands the lighthouse, another Texel tip frequently visited and recommended by our guests. After a climb of 118 steps, you have a magnificent view of the North Sea, the Wadden Sea, the northern part of Texel and the neighbouring island of Vlieland. Some visitors think they can even see England and the North Pole on a clear day. You will need binoculars for that (and yes, to be honest, some imagination). Want to combine a visit with a walk? Our Texel reporter Mariska will gladly take you on a visit to the Texel Lighthouse

Did you know that the Texel Lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses in the Netherlands with a double wall. The unique double wall of the Texel Lighthouse was created after the lighthouse was damaged during the Second World War. Instead of replacing the outer wall, a new wall was built inside. 

"The climb up was worth it. The view from the lighthouse was incredible!" - Group of friends

7. Discover the sheep farm

Texel is famous for its sheep. Would you like to hold one of those little balls of wool? Then the sheep farm is the perfect outing. The lambs are only too happy to be cuddled. There are also fun and educational demonstrations on sheep herding. And there are many more animals walking around. Want to get into the mood? Take a live peek inside the stable.

Did you know that there are more sheep on Texel than people? The Texel sheep is a special breed known for its thick wool.

"The children loved the sheep farm. Holding a lamb was the highlight of their holiday." - Family with young children

8. Taste artisanal ice cream at Labora

A trip to IJsboerderij Labora is a must while on Texel. Taste the artisanal ice cream made from fresh and local ingredients, a real treat for your taste buds! In addition, admire the barn with around 120 cows. There is also plenty of entertainment for the children with a large bouncy castle, an exciting climbing tower and a fun slide.

Did you know that IJsboerderij Labora uses milk from Texel cows? Which gives their ice cream a unique local flavour.

"Ice cream farm Labora on Texel was a delightful experience! We absolutely loved the strawberry Knoert." - Couple

9. Discover treasures at the Beachcomber's Museum

Curious about what washes up on Texel's beaches? Then the Beachcombers' Museum s highly recommended. Dive into the fascinating world of beachcombing, the search for things washed ashore on the beach. See the treasures with your own eyes and discover the interesting beach finds that have washed ashore over the years.

Did you know that the Beachcomber's Museum displays finds that are more than 75 years old? Including rare items from World War II.

"The Beachcomber Museum was a treasure trove of stories and finds. Fascinating for young and old alike!" - Family


10. Experience authentic shrimp fishing

Step aboard and experience authentic shrimp fishing! A trip on the Wadden Sea on a shrimp boat is also an outing many of our guests take. Soon after leaving Oudeschild harbour, the nets go out. On the way, the fishermen on the boat (cutter) tell all about the animals and how they catch them. When it is time to retrieve the nets, it soon becomes clear that there are not only shrimps in the net. After all the knowledge has been gathered about the bycatch, it is put back into the sea alive. And the shrimps? They are freshly prepared for you.

Did you know that shrimp fishing on Texel often involves special bycatch, such as rare shellfish?

"A unique experience at sea, shrimp fishing was educational and entertaining. Highly recommended!" - Group of friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that the crossing to Texel only takes 20 minutes? A short but fun adventure across the Wadden Sea. So your Texel experience begins as soon as you step on board of the TESO!

Texel is a true children's paradise! With vast beaches, fun nature walks and many activities, there is something for every age. Think shrimp fishing and the Beachcomber's Museum. But also the facilities of Holiday park De Krim, such as the indoor swimming pool with slides, bowling and miniature golf are fun for children. 

The ideal time to visit Texel? In our opinion, that's any season! Each period brings its own unique charm, from sunny summer beaches to quiet autumn walks. Discover for yourself what Texel has to offer in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Den Burg is the shopping heart of Texel. Stroll through the charming streets, explore the unique boutiques and enjoy local delicacies. You can also visit fun markets in Den Hoorn, De Koog and Den Burg

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