Celebrate Sinterklaas

on Texel

Celebrate Sinterklaas on Texel

With small children, the Sinterklaas period is always a pleasant and exciting time of the year. Watching the arrival, putting your shoes in front of the fireplace and of course, the evening of Sinterklaas. Would you like to immerse yourself and your children or grandchildren in the atmosphere of Sinterklaas this year? Then book one of the Sinterklaas packages on Texel between November 18th and December 4th! On request, Sinterklaas and Piet will visit your holiday home. During the recreation programme, they will bake pepernoten, make Sinterklaas crafts and much more. If you come in the weekend of December 2th the package includes tickets for The Great Texel Sinterklaas Show!

Sinterklaas arrival on Texel

On Saturday 19 November 2022 it is time again: after a long boat ride, Sinterklaas will set foot on Dutch soil. Where exactly in the Netherlands he will be welcomed is a secret. But we know for sure that the greatest children’s friend will not skip Texel. On Saturday November 19th he will arrive in Oudeschild at around 12:30 pm. So come to the harbour of Oudeschild and enjoy the expectant children’s faces and the cosy atmosphere during the arrival!


Sinterklaas Packages on Texel

Steamboat Package

Make the weekends from the arrival of Sinterklaas to Sinterklaas Eve extra special with a weekend on Texel with the Steamboat Package! You will be staying in a chalet or bungalow at Holiday park De Krim, where of course you will find candy. And what do you hear now? There is a load knock at the door? The Petes are visiting our guests in their accommodation. Read more about the Steamboat Package.

Sinterklaas Weekend Package

Celebrate the wonderful Sinterklaas evening on Texel in a comfortable chalet or bungalow. Receive the Petes in your own accommodation and enjoy delicious pepernoten and meringues. And to get into the mood for December 5th, visit The Great Texel Sinterklaas Show in Events hall Texel on December 3th. Read more about the Sinterklaas Weekend Package.

Sinterklaas Events on Texel

The Great Texel Sinterklaas Show

On Saturday December 3th, Sinterklaas will visit Events Hall Texel together with De Sint & Friends Liveband. From 15:00 to 16:00 hours, they will raise the roof from the building. And of course you can be there. Sing, jump and dance along during this unforgettable show. Read more about The Great Texel Sinterklaas Show.

Petes Weekend

From the arrival of Sinterklaas to the Sinterklaas weekend, there are special recreational programmes during the weekends. Dance along with the Petes in the morning or have them visit you in the accommodation. Craft a shoe or bake your own pepernoten. The choice is all yours! November 19th & 20th, November 25th, 26th & 27th, December 2rd, 3th & 4th.


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Update: August 18, 2022 12:00