Experience autumn on Texel

When the days start to get shorter, you know Autumn is coming. Along with shorter days, nature's changing colours make Autumn a special time of year. Green gives way to gorgeous shades of red and yellow. The ever-changing landscape of Texel is an excellent choice for tranquil Autumn walks under the late summer sun. At other times, the weather suddenly becomes stormy and the sea crashes against the dunes. That's a great time for long walks along the beach where you literally get blown away.  

Texel's nature in Autumn

When you walk through Texel's woods in Autumn, you will see how vibrant green is making way for vivid shades of red and yellow. This creates a stunning pallette of colour. It's not just the trees that are changing in colour. There's much more going on in nature. Many fruits and seeds are geminating in this season. And, of course, this is the time of year when the mushrooms actually pop out of the ground.
Texel is a real bird island. The migration of the birds already starts in September, which means that many different bird species can be seen on the island. The osprey and the Caspian tern may well show themselves if the weather is good at the beginning of the month. 

Migratory birds on Texel

Texel is extra popular with birdwatchers in the autumn. Whether to spot water birds, field birds or scrub birds. From blackcap and wigeon to redwing, greenfinch and huge flocks of sandpipers. Birdwatchers can sometimes spot up to 90 species in one weekend! And with a little luck, you may even see a knot, a bird that visits the Wadden Sea to fatten up so it can complete its journey around the world from polar circle to equator.Naturally, there are several birdwatching excursions you can book at this time of year. For instance via Ecomare or Vogelinformatiecentrum.

Unsettled weather and stormy seas

With the coming of Autumn, we have fewer warm days. Periods of sunshine alternate with more unsettled weather. It rains more, and the winds pick up. But this is also a wonderful experience on Texel! The winds blow with stronger force in Autumn than in Spring. This whips up the waves and the sea gets rough. Whitecaps appear and the waves crash against the quay of Oudeschild. What a spectacular sight!

Autumn on Texel

There is always plenty to do and to see on Texel in Autumn. Why not take a walk with a real birdwatcher and maybe awake the bird lover in you? Or did you ever want to find out more about mushrooms? Then sign up for a mushroom walk from Ecomare. If you'd like to know more about Texel's Duinen National Park, go on a guided walk of the Slufter and find out all about life on these tidal marshes. See more things to do in Autumn.

Staying on Texel in the autumn

What could be finer than to relax in your accommodation after a day in the beautiful countryside? Enjoy the long evenings together while playing a game at the dining table or crawl on the couch for a good movie. The vacation homes on Texel are fully equipped. Would you like to warm up in the sauna after a day outside? This is possible in an accommodation with private sauna . But there are also plenty of opportunities for campers. Many camping sites are also open in the autumn. And the dog? They can come along to the accommodation ! And in this season the dog is allowed to run free in many places.

Location of our parks on Texel

Hotel Molenbos
Postweg 224-226, De Cocksdorp
View the hotel
Golf Course De Texelse
Roggeslootweg 3, De Cocksdorp
View the golf course
Swimming pool
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the pool
Holiday Park De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View Holiday Park
Campsite Kogerstrand
Badweg 33, De Koog
View campsite
Campsite De Shelter
Boodtlaan 43, De Koog
View campsite
Villa Park De Koog
Boodtlaan 80, De Koog
View campsite
Bungalow Park 't Hoogelandt
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View Bungalow Park
Residentie Californië
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View appartments
Campsite Loodsmansduin
Rommelpot 19, Den Hoorn
View campsite
Camping De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the camping

Photo gallery autumn on Texel


6 Tips on Texel against the Autumn Blues

Bungalowpark ’t Hoogelandt, luxury villa

1. Quality time

It's nice to finally be together: Book a vacation home and go laughing together, chatting and doing fun things....
Check out the holiday homes


2. Go outside a lot

Go outside a lot to make the most of the daylight. At least an hour a day cycling or walking through the Texel landscape will give you new energy.
Check out our walkingtips


3. Go out

Even when the weather is not so good, it is nice to go out. And even then there is plenty to do on Texel. Curious?
Check out the tips


4. Pamper yourself...

When you stay at Hotel Molenbos you don't have to do anything else but enjoy. Breakfast is ready for you in the morning. From the hotel it is wonderful walking and cycling. Afterwards you can have a nice long bath and a delicious meal in the restaurant...
Read more about Hotel Molenbos


5. Find the peace and quiet

It is wonderfully quiet in a chalet in the dunes at Camping Loodsmansduin. The facilities are closed after the autumn vacations and then silence reigns. Enjoy a cup of coffee while a dune rabbit hops by. After just a few days you will feel completely rested!
Read more about Campsite Loodsmansduin

Luftfahrt- und Kriegsmuseum

6. Art, culture and music

A special exhibition, fun show or beautiful music brings joy and inspiration. Therefore, pay a visit to museums, galleries or an event.
Check out the events

The best Texel tips for autumn

Go out in autumn. Go into nature and enjoy all the beautiful autumn colours. Below are several activities to do in autumn.

De Oudheidkamer

De Oudheidkamer

Den Burg

Go back to the 16th century in this small museum in the centre of Den Burg.

Museum Kaap Skil

Museum Kaap Skil


An unique museum full of stories and adventures about life at sea.

Galerie Klif Art

Galerie Klif Art

De Koog

Admire art from Texel, oil paintings, Murano glass and much more at Gallery Cliff Art. 

Sheep farm De Waddel

Sheep farm De Waddel

Den Burg

Learn what it is like to be a sheep farmer on Texel!

Wadden evening

Wadden evening

De Cocksdorp

Discover the unique food culture of the Wadden and surprise yourself with a tasty evening!

Tastemakers Oudeschild

Tastemakers Oudeschild

Den Burg

Take the best tour through Oudeschild and enjoy live music!



Den Burg

Durft u de uitdaging aan? Skateboard door het mooie natuur op maar één wiel! 



Den Burg

Walk along with the Lights-Tour and illuminate the streets of Den Burg!

Book your Autumn stay

The perfect place for your Autumn stay on Texel is De Krim Texel! We have the right accommodation for every group: from a luxurious villa to a cheerful cottage. There are plenty of things to do at De Krim Holiday Park, no matter what the weather.

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