Tips for bad weather

Tips for bad weather on Texel

Everyone, of course, wants beautiful sunshine during a stay. Although Texel has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, it can sometimes be really Dutch weather here. even then there is plenty to do on Texel. We have collected the best tips for bad weather on Texel for you. Choose your favorite outing or activity with bad weather and the vacation fun continues regardless of the weather.

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Sights on Texel during bad weather

Texel has a wealth of museums that are well worth a visit, particularly on a rainy day.

Activities on Texel in bad weather

To do at our parks during bad weather

At Vakantiepark De Krim, there are many facilities for a pleasant stay - even when the sun isn't shining all that often.

Book your stay

Rain or shine, there’s always plenty to do on Texel. Book your stay in De Koog, Den Hoorn or De Cocksdorp at De Krim Texel and set out on a wonderful holiday with so many great memories. 

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Frequently asked questions

The recreation programme varies from day to day. Check the current offer. Some outdoor activities may move indoors in bad weather.

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Update: July 29 2021 14:00 

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