Disabled friendly holidays on Texel

Accessible holidays on Texel

Looking for a disabled friendly holiday destination? Texel has various facilities that enable visitors with a disability to enjoy this special island to the max. Explore nature, hit the beach, go for a swim or a lovely bike ride on an adapted bike!


To the beach

It can often be quite hard for people with a disability to access the beach. To make things easier, special facilities are provided (in the summer) on the beach on Texel e.g. the provision of a concrete beach path in various locations that runs right up to the high-tide line.

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Hit the beach in a special wheelchair

Beach wheelchairs with extra wide tyres are available for free at beach pavilions (they can’t be moved independently). Want to go exploring by yourself? Hire a CadWeazle at Paal 17 or 28: an off-road wheelchair with a quiet, powerful electric motor.

Explore nature

Many of our guests visit Texel for its unique natural beauty. Fortunately, several nature reserves and footpaths are also easily accessible by wheelchair.

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Swimming in the pool

The new swimming pool at Holiday Park De Krim is easily accessible to disabled visitors. At the reception desk/entrance, there is wide access for wheelchairs, in the changing rooms there is a fully equipped disabled room with toilet/shower/changing bench and alarm system. A pool hoist has been fitted in the pool to lift you in and out of your wheelchair/the water if you need assistance.

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Adapted holiday home or hotel room

An adapted holiday home makes for a wonderful, relaxed holiday. At De Krim Texel, you have a choice of several adapted bungalows and apartments. Will you be staying at the fun-filled Holiday Park De Krim in De Cocksdorp? Maybe a small-scale, quiet park instead? Then Bungalow Park ’t Hoogelandt or Residentie Californië may be just what you are looking for! Or do you prefer a hotel? Book an adapted hotel room at Hotel Molenbos.

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Update: March 26, 2021 16:00