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Great climbing fun

at Holiday Park De Krim

Climbing park at Holiday Park De Krim 

De Cocksdorp, Texel 

Exciting climb courses at height

Climbing and clambering at a climbing park is fun! Being active outdoors, breaking boundaries. The height makes is doubly exciting! The climbing park at Holiday Park De Krim offers a choice of 4 courses (4m or 8m); naturally, with safety harness.The climbing park also welcomes non-guests of Holiday Park De Krim. 

Climbing at the climbing park

The climbing park at Holiday Park De Krim consists of a 10m tower with 2 platforms at a height of 4m and 8m.  

Various climbing courses have been mapped out from the tower that will keep both beginners and experienced climbers entertained for 2 hours. Other fun activities to enjoy at the park are zip lining, free-falling, and climbing & crate stacking.

Age: The minimum height restriction for climbing is 1.30m. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
Book directly? You can book climbing sessions directly at Klimmen EnZo. Call: +31 (0)222 – 317 889

Climbing park reviews

" Very professional and beautiful climbing park with fun challenges! Children enjoyed it very much.''
Climbing park De Krim, family, October 3 2020 

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Address & Route

Climbing park
Roggeslootweg 6
NL-1795 JV De Cocksdorp, Texel

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Climbing park

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