De Krim Nature Adventure

at Holiday Park De Krim

De Krim Nature Adventure Petting zoo 

De Cocksdorp, Texel 

  • Petting zoo 2.0
  • Educational outdoor centre
  • Education, play and fun

  • 15 Texel themes
  • Nature trail and various routes
  • Free entrance

Interactive outdoor centre for the whole family 

De Krim Nature Adventure is an interactive outdoor centre with petting zoo that was created in collaboration between Lodewijk Hoekstra of the SBS6 television programme Lodewijks Groen Geluk and De Krim Texel. The focus is on making children and parents aware of nature and the beautiful landscape of Texel through a combination of education, play and fun.  

Experience and learn about (Texel) nature

The outdoor centre has dunes and a mini-Slufter valley where your children can pump their own water and happily play. There are also several themed gardens that tell us about the climate, edible plants and flowers that can be picked. Sustainability is an important theme: Many materials have been reused, local products such as shells and wood have been used and every effort has been made to stimulate biodiversity. De Krim Nature Adventure is guaranteed to be your (grand)children's favourite holiday outing!  

15 Texel Themes  

In De Krim Nature Adventure 's outdoor centre you can discover 15 Texel themes. These themes are: Embankment, Marram grass, Climatic garden, Edible garden, Picking garden, mini-Slufter valley, Barefoot path, Seal, Shorebird game, Pot-bellied pigs, Goats & Buck, Sheep and Alpacas, Assistant forest ranger trail and Nature trail. Joris & Jet tell the accompanying story on text boards along the route. If you scan the QR code on the text board, you will get an in-depth description of the subject, hear a spoken text or see a video clip.  

Become an assistant forest ranger

This will be a super (holiday) memory: your (grand)children can become assistant forest rangers during a special itinerary that is a kilometre or so long. De Krim Nature Adventure is situated in the middle of a wooded area where animals live and where there is much to explore. During this walk full of adventure, your little assistant forest rangers will learn all there is to know about nature on Texel. A really fun activity for children between 6 and 12 years. View the route.

Edible garden

The garden of the petting zoo is not only a beautiful garden with dunes, marram grass, plants, grasses and trees but (in the fruit season) also an edible garden. With fruit trees, strawberry plants, shrubs with delicious blackberries and much more. Try and stay away from that!

The animals in the petting zoo 

A petting zoo is made up of animals. Alpaca's, pot-belly pigs, Texel sheep, goats and chickens live in the outdoor centre of De Krim Holiday Park.  

Barefoot path

The name says it all: walking a path with bare feet. The path is part of the Nature Garden and Petting Zoo. The barefoot path is an addition where nature/ground can be felt. Amazing how different the substrates are. The path is about 150 meters long and has 6 different surfaces. It starts with round boulders, then into the ground/mud, balancing over tree trunks, wood bark, turf and over the sand dune back to the shoes. A tap to rinse the feet is also there, so the feet can go back into the shoes clean.

Nature trail  

The nature trail in the forest next to the children's farm is a sporty and educational hike of over 5 kilometres. If you scan the QR code on the information board at the start of the hike, the forest ranger will tell you all sorts of things about the special nature of Texel and the animals that live in the forest. The nature trail is highly recommended. View the route.

Our partners 

De Krim Nature Adventure is a collaboration of De Krim Texel with:

  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • VVV Texel
  • De Waddenvereniging
  • De Vogelbescherming
  • Ecomare
  • Schapenboerderij de Waddel
  • TexelWool 
  • Texelse Alpaca's.  
Krim Nature Aventure reviews

 "A newly renovated petting zoo with cute animals. And super educational for the children.''

Krim Nature Adventure , family, January 2 2021

Photo album Nature Adventure/Petting Zoo Texel


Address & Route

De Krim Nature Adventure
Roggeslootweg 6
NL-1795 JV De Cocksdorp, Texel

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De Krim Nature Adventure

De Krim Nature Adventure is open to everyone. For guests of De Krim Texel, but also for guests staying elsewhere on Texel and of course for the people of Texel. 

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