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This page contains legal information about De Krim Texel and consists of:

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Please read this legal information before you use this website. If you use this website, you agree to the content of this legal information.

De Krim Texel reserves the right to amend the Conditions for Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. These changes will be published on this page, so please check this page regularly.

If you have any questions, please contact us; queries are free of obligation. We will respond to your question or comment professionally and handle it confidentially and as quickly as possible.

Legal Information

N.V. De Krim Operating Company (hereinafter called “De Krim”), Chamber of Commerce number: 37035448, with its principal place of business and registered office in De Cocksdorp - Texel, the Netherlands, on (1795 JV) Roggeslootweg 6, and its subsidiaries companies jointly operate holiday cottages, bungalow parks, campsites, golf links, swimming baths and other facilities for leisure purposes.

This website (hereinafter called “the Website”) is the property of De Krim and is operated by De Krim. In this legal information, “the User” is given to mean a user of this Website. The intellectual property rights, including copyrights, which are attached to the material incorporated on this Website are the property of De Krim. Use, in any way, of the content (text or images) acquired via this Website is prohibited without De Krim’s prior written consent. 

De Krim pays the utmost care and attention to accuracy of the information presented on this Website; De Krim is committed to ensuring that the information is both up-to-date and reliable. Nonetheless, De Krim cannot be held liable for any faults, inaccuracies and/or changes that were made later, or for any damage arising from problems caused by, or inherent to, sharing information on the Internet such as cuts, interruptions or delays in the supply of the information or in the services provided by De Krim, or information supplied by the User to De Krim, via this Website or by other electronic means. Evident typing errors do not put De Krim under any obligation. Prices are subject to change; the price stated on the confirmation/invoice is binding. De Krim cannot guarantee that emails or other electronic messages are received or processed in due time and does not accept any liability for the consequences of not having received or processed a message or not having received or processed a message in due time.

All our contracts are subject to the RECRON conditions (“Association of Leisure Businesses in the Netherlands”, Vereniging van Recreatieondernemers Nederland). No rights can be derived from printing or typing errors in our price lists. All prices in our price lists are subject to changes. De Krim Holiday Park, Californië Residence, ’t Hoogelandt Bungalow Park, Hotel Molenbos, Campsite Kogerstrand, Campsite Loodsmansduin, Campsite De Shelter, Villa Park De Koog and De Texelse Golf Links reserve the right to make necessary changes to package deals in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Third parties’ websites
De Krim’s Websites may also contain links to third parties’ websites. De Krim cannot be held responsible in any way for the content or use of those websites or for any consequences of a visit to one of those linked websites. 

Mutual references
De Krim allows links and references to be made to De Krim’s pages; after all, the web exists by the grace of such mutual references, subject to all indications of copyright. De Krim reserves the right to revoke this consent at any time.

De Krim uses cookies on this Website and its accompanying sub-domains to provide its services and to improve its services and products. These cookies make the User’s subsequent visits to this Website easier: The User can decide to store the User’s “My Holiday” password on his or her computer; a cookie automatically arranges it. Cookies are text files that are stored on the User’s computer and are placed on its hard disk, temporarily or permanently. We use the cookies for authentication, following the session (state maintenance) and for storing specific information about the use and the Users, such as page preferences and the contents of their electronic shopping baskets on this Website. The cookies placed by De Krim do not contain any name or address details or other personal data.

De Krim uses 4 types of cookies:

  1. Functional cookies
    These cookies are used to make the Website more convenient for the Users, so that a user does not need to make the same selection time and again, for instance, or need to log in if the User has logged in previously.
  2. Transaction cookies
    These cookies are used once a User has made a reservation and to pay De Krim’s partners their commission, if applicable.
  3. Monitoring/Analytics cookies
    Google Analytics also places cookies, which assess search behaviour and visitors’ behaviour anonymously; De Krim can adjust its services based on that information so we can be of even better service to our Users, i.e. our (potential) guests.
  4. Marketing or targeting cookies
    These cookies are placed to store the User’s interests, so we can make offers beyond our Websites that are relevant to the User’s wishes/interests. De Krim can also refrain from automatically showing offers if the User has already benefited from that offer or if the User has already seen it a few times; in fact, it is likely that De Krim would show the User irrelevant advertisements more often if De Krim did not use those cookies. Users can see De Krim’s advertisements without the use of cookies too!

Which third parties place cookies via our websites
De Krim works with third parties who help with social media, visitor statistics, advertisements and streaming videos that also places cookies. De Krim’s partners in these fields are the following businesses: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords, Tagmanager), Youtube, Tradetracker, Isuu, Formdesk, Eijsink, E-Village, Youwe and Obi4Wan.

Can the User delete cookies?
The User can always delete the cookies on the User’s computers via his or her browser. The User can also decide to accept certain cookies or not. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but the User can adjust the settings in his or her browser so that cookies are blocked. However, remember that if the User blocks the cookies, it is possible that the User cannot make full use of the Website’s features. For more information about (using and blocking) cookies, please visit:

The User can switch off the use of Google cookies by Google’s unsubscribe page to unsubscribe from advertisements. 

By using this Website, or continuing to use it, the User grants De Krim permission to place cookies, temporarily or permanently, on the User’s computer’s hard disk.

Inspection and correction of the User’s data
Once the User has made a reservation, the User will receive a login code to access “My Holiday”. The User can always read and, if necessary change, his or her own personal details and settings in that environment. If the User wants to know which of the User’s details De Krim has registered or if the User wants to change his or her personal data, the User can contact our Reservations Department .

Which data does De Krim process?
If you book a holiday at one of our parks, we will need some of your personal details. There are other instances, too, in which we process similar data, such as requests for information, the administration involved in queries about prices, requests for quotations, orders for e-tickets (for the swimming pool and events, for example) and visits to our websites. Moreover, we work with third parties with whom we share certain personal data and who process it for De Krim, e.g. for the distribution of our newsletters. If you make a reservation, we will, of course, share your personal data with the park where you will be staying.

We explain which personal details we process and what we do with them in more detail below.

  1. First name, surname and gender
    As we would like to be able to address you personally in our communications with you, we require the use of your personal data for this. Obviously, we also need that data to register your reservation and put that data in our bookings system.
  2. Address and town/city
    We send most booking details by email but some information will be sent to your home address.
  3. Telephone number
    We might need to contact you about your reservation; if we have any questions, we will call you. Sometimes we will call before you arrive or after your stay to ask whether all the information is clear and whether you enjoyed your holiday. We also have your phone number if you contacted us through our WhatsApp Service; it means we can send you a reply.
  4. Date of birth
    Anyone who books overnight accommodation at De Krim must be at least 18 years old. Moreover, the tourist tax that is due or discounts you might receive depend on the ages of the people staying at the accommodation. That’s why we need the dates of birth. 
  5. Payment details
    We use a secure payment environment, so we can settle the financial aspects of your reservation. If you pay with iDeal or by transfer, your details will be saved in our records, enabling us to link your payment to your reservation. The only other time we might use your bank account number is in the case of a refund. If you pay by credit card, we send your credit card details from our secure environment directly to our credit card partner, who takes care of our credit card payments. We cannot see your credit card details during such transactions; our partner only reports whether or not your payment was successful.
  6. IP address
    We might check your IP address on the Internet, so we can remember your preferences and give suitable advice.
  7. Email address
    We will send you an email about your reservation, the invoice and any bookings you might have made. We also send our newsletters by email. If you prefer not to receive our newsletters or offers any more, the link in the newsletter provides a convenient means for unsubscribing.
  8. Car registration number
    Some of our parks have barriers that register your car’s registration number so that next time you drive through it, you will not need to enter a pin code or use a pass to enter the park. Very convenient!

Why does De Krim collect data?
De Krim collects the data mentioned above so we can send you the necessary information about your holiday and keep you informed of interesting offers related to our products and services.

  1. Service to our guests
    You can call us, send us an email or contact us on social media. To make sure you don’t have to tell us everything twice, we save your details. We analyse each contact we have had with you, so we can keep improving our service. We might sometimes record a telephone conversation to use it for training purposes.
  2. Our parks and partners
    Your personal details are shared with the park where you will be staying and with the companies that operate activities connected to your bookings. The same applies to parties that are not part of De Krim, e.g. the bike hire company if you have reserved bikes when you made your reservation.
  3. Account
    You can enter your personal details in your “My Holiday” account: your name, postal and invoice address, date of birth, telephone number and login data. It’s very practical, because you don’t need to register all those details again and again. We also save the details of your previous bookings and preferences, so we can help you faster and more efficiently.
  4. Newsletters
    We might send you newsletters and other offers. We check your interests and previous reservations, so we can match the content of the newsletters and offers to them. If you prefer not to receive our newsletters or offers any more, the link in the newsletter provides a convenient means for unsubscribing, or simply let us know by sending an email to 
  5. Reviews and visitor questionnaire
    You can help future guests by writing a review. By sharing your experience, you can paint an even better picture of De Krim, a specific park or overnight accommodation. We read your responses in our visitor questionnaire, so we can continue to improve our service. In this context, we might share your answers and details with our parks and our partners such as the bike hire company. We might also get in touch with you to talk about a questionnaire you have filled in - perhaps to ask more questions or to thank you for your feedback.
  6. Night register
    If you stay at one of our parks, your personal data will be processed for the Municipality of Texel, just in case of emergencies and other such instances. Those details may be processed in our systems.
  7. Improvements
    We might get in touch with you to help us with a visitor survey or to invite you to have a seat on our guest panel. Moreover, we would like to know how a complaint was handled and what you think of our newsletter. That’s why we collect information about visitor behaviour: we can analyse your reading behaviour and create content that matches your wishes. We do that by registering unique visits, with all the activities that are part of that visit: the pages you viewed, things you zoomed in on and links you clicked. Sometimes a third party preforms those checks on our behalf.
  8. Campaigns
    If you have taken part in a campaign or competition, we might contact you and we will notify you if you have won. We also use that data to analyse our campaigns and make them even more fun next time.
  9. Customised advice
    If you visit our Website, like us on Facebook, book something through us or stay at one of our parks, we will remember what you liked. We do all the searching and help you by offering great deals, by email for instance. We use your personal data to improve our service and our Websites and to show you useful advertisements on things like Facebook. If you use social media on different devices, you might see those advertisements on those other devices too; cookies help with this. We might ask a third party to compare your data or combine it with data other companies have collected about you, so we can match the information and offers as well as possible to your interests. If required by law, De Krim will ask your permission before disclosing data to third parties.

Does De Krim share data with third parties?

Unless you give your consent or unless we are obliged by a court ruling or certain legislation or regulations, De Krim will not share your personal data with a third party. We shall never pass your personal data onto third parties for commercial purposes.

However, we share your personal details with the following (categories of) recipients so we can provide good services:

  1. Our IT partner for the hosting and maintenance of the Website, the reservations system and the “My environment”;
  2. The accountant/administration firm who takes care of our accounts;
  3. Government authorities such as the Tax Administration, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and other monitoring authorities;
  4. Other third parties for the running of De Krim’s operations, such as printers, email and post handlers. Insofar those third parties are involved in processing your personal data to render the relevant services and business operations, they do that in the capacity of a processor for De Krim; De Krim has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that your personal data is only used for the agreed purposes and that it is properly protected.

How does De Krim protect data?
Your payment details and personal data are sent by Internet to our information system. This Website works according to the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, Abbreviated to HTTPS. Data you register on this Website is encrypted so that outsiders can never see which data you send. You can recognise that protocol by the little green lock in the URL bar in your browser. We use that registered security technology to protect your data and to prevent its loss, corruption or theft but we cannot accept any liability for any loss, corruption or theft.

Once you have sent data to us, it is stored in a secure data bank, which is in a heavily protected Dutch data centre. 

How long De Krim store data?
De Krim stores the User’s data no longer than needed to process it for the purposes for which we collected and processed it. 

All De Krim’s staff who have access to your data are bound by a strict obligation of confidentiality applicable to all personal data they acquire on the basis of that access. 

Legal bases
Pursuant to legislation, we must inform you of the legal bases for processing your personal details. Much depends on why that data is processed: for 1) a contract, 2) in De Krim’s legitimate interests, 3) consent granted, and 4) in connection with a statutory obligation. 

We mainly use your data in connection with your reservation, which means the processing is based on a contract with you. Your reservation will be registered and we shall endeavour to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Additional contact, such as reviews, marketing activities and the registration and analysis of your actions, is only made in De Krim’s legitimate interests. An instance of De Krim’s legitimate interests is the importance of (direct) marketing activities. De Krim’s legitimate interests could also be that the data may be processed by a business partner’s company and that De Krim wishes to maintain contact with you.

You can also subscribe to a newsletter. If you do, you give us permission to use your data for that purpose. Furthermore, we are obliged by law to register your data in the night register.

Your rights
On request, we shall notify you as to whether we process any of your personal details. In addition, you can retrieve that data in certain circumstances, correct it, add to it, delete it or shield it, if it is actually not correct, for instance. Furthermore, you can rely on every other right that you are accorded under the applicable privacy legislation, including lodging an objection to the processing of your personal data, for instance. As a consequence, you might not be able to use (some of) our services. To lodge an objection, just send a request, in writing, along with a copy of some proof of your identity, to: 

De Krim Texel
Roggeslootweg 6
1795 JV De Cocksdorp 

You can always withdraw your consent for our commercial messages or lodge an objection against them; to do so, follow the instructions in the relevant commercial message or send an email to

For more information, questions or comments please get in touch with us!

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