Experience Winter on Texel


Winter begins on 21 December, right before Christmas. A period that many people find particularly hectic. From 2 January, you can begin to catch your breath. And where better to restore your senses than in different surroundings from the everyday? Let everything go and get blown away! Texel is the perfect winter destination, and we are happy to tell you why.

Colder days, darker nights

Winter days on Texel often begin with beautiful glistening dew or frosted landscapes. The mysterious haze that hangs over the fields is a wonder to behold. This makes it necessary to get up early. That might be a bit harder if you had stayed up late the night before to gaze at the stars. In the Winter, the nights on Texel are pitch black, so star gazing is highly recommended. Naturally, you can do this from your own window or from the beach, but there are also special evenings at Texel's Volkssterrenwacht when you can see the stars from Ecomare's observatory. You will learning everything you need to know about the stars.

Return to peace and quiet on Texel

After the hectic holiday period of December, things return to peace and quiet in January and February. Exciting events give way to everyday life. If you like peacefulness and your own space, then Winter is the perfect time to visit Texel and experience what island life is really like. Visit the villages and take a wonderful Winter walk in stunning natural settings. Enjoy a pint of Texel's own brew in one of the beach pavillions. And tomorrow? You'll find out when the time comes. Do whatever you feel like doing.

Winter activities on Texel

Just because it's peaceful doesn't mean that there is nothing happening on Texel. In the winter months, you can also go on an excursion with the forest ranger to De Geul or Mokbaai. Are you a fan of skating? Then don't forget to bring you skates. When it freezes there's often skating on the marshes of nature area Den Burg. Does it look like it won't freeze, but skating is still at the top of your list of favourite winter activities? Lots of villages on Texel have skating rinks open in the winter. That means you can make sure you don't forget your technique.

Location of the park on Texel

Hotel Molenbos
Postweg 224-226, De Cocksdorp
View the hotel
Golf Course De Texelse
Roggeslootweg 3, De Cocksdorp
View the golf course
Swimming pool
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the pool
Holiday Park De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View Holiday Park
Campsite Kogerstrand
Badweg 33, De Koog
View campsite
Campsite De Shelter
Boodtlaan 43, De Koog
View campsite
Villa Park De Koog
Boodtlaan 80, De Koog
View campsite
Bungalow Park 't Hoogelandt
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View Bungalow Park
Residentie Californië
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View appartments
Campsite Loodsmansduin
Rommelpot 19, Den Hoorn
View campsite
Camping De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the camping

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Frequently asked questions Winter

You can enjoy many activities on Texel during winter. Take a beautiful winter walk or bike ride through various nature reserves. Visit the surrounding villages, take your skates out of the closet or go star gazing in the observatory at Ecomare. View all activities available during winter.

During the whole of the winter period, you can go camping at Holiday Park De Krim and Camping De Krim. At Camping Loodsmansduin, you can hire a camper van pitch. Simply book your pitch online.

In winter you can go to several beach pavilions for a delicious local beer or a hot cup of coffee.

If you want to bring your dog(s) in winter, you can indicate this under the travel party information when deciding which accommodation or pitch to opt for. A filter will be applied and the options shown will be the ones where your dog is welcome. The additional costs are listed on your bookings overview while making the booking.

Dogs welcome: 

  • Holiday Park De Krim (excluding hotel chalets) 
  • Hotel Molenbos (max. 1 pet per room)
  • Villa Park De Koog
  • Bungalow Park 't Hoogelandt 
  • Camping Kogerstrand (excluding hikers’ cabins)
  • Camping Loodsmansduin (excluding hikers’ cabins)
  • Camping De Shelter 

No pets allowed:

  • Holiday Park De Krim: Hotel chalets
  • Residentie Californie: Apartments
  • Camping Kogerstrand: Hikers’ cabins
  • Camping Loodsmansduin: Hikers’ cabins

Book your winter stay

Whether you get that winter feeling from a blazing fireplace or a trip to the sauna, De Krim Texel has the perfect accommodation for everyone. Luxurious villas with sauna or even a private swimming pool at De Koog, apartments next to Texel's woods and holiday cottages fitted with all the modern conveniences. At Holiday Park De Krim you'll find a variety of indoor facilities for a special day no matter what the weather. And for the camping enthusiasts: our campground at Holiday Park De Krim is open the whole year round. Book your perfect accommodation for this Winter here.