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De Krim Texel - Love for Texel

De Krim Texel is a real Texel leisure company. We feel a shared responsibility for, and strong commitment to, the liveability and vitality of Texel. It’s what we call ‘Love for Texel’. By spending your holiday at De Krim Texel, you help preserve the vitality of the island and everything that is special about Texel. In other words, a holiday you can feel good about!

So what exactly is ‘Love for Texel’? Find out below!

Development of Texel

The economic potency and development of Texel was a major focus for the original founders in 1969. Our memorandum of association literally states: ‘Their goal is to operate this site as a leisure facility and thus improve the livelihoods of the residents of Texel and Eierland in particular’. A philosophy that continues to guide the policy and operational direction of De Krim Texel every day.


Independent organisation

De Krim Texel is an independent organisation, with no parent company telling us what we can or can’t do. Business continuity and the preservation of our unique independence are paramount. Because these are the very factors that enable us to be true to our mission and contribute to the development of Texel. This also means that we expect our employees to be able to work independently and consequently, we assign high levels of responsibility at lower levels of our organisation. We work together. 


Tourism for a vital Texel

We believe that tourism plays an essential part in maintaining Texel’s liveability and vitality. This is why De Krim is dedicated to maintaining (tourist) facilities on Texel as best it can and, where possible, develop or stimulate these facilities. In doing so, we continue to build an attractive Texel, both for our guests and local residents, with tourism actually promoting the vitality of the island.


One example of how we help maintain the island’s facilities is our support of the Dutch Royal National Lifeboat Institution KNRM. KNRM is the emergency service at sea. They provide a vital service on Texel, where both local residents and tourists enjoy leisure activities in, at or by the sea. Every year, we generate exposure and dozens of new donors for KNRM. 


Supporting the environment

Texel also offers stunning natural beauty. There are several nature conservation organisations on Texel that look after Texel’s natural environment and make it possible for us all to enjoy it. We play our part by working closely together with Natuurmonumenten, De Waddenvereniging and De Vogelbescherming. Care for our environment, that, too, is ‘Love for Texel’.


Green Key

De Krim is a real recreation company on Texel. We feel jointly responsible for the liveability and vitality of Texel and make a strong commitment to this. We take care of our environment with an eye for both the short and long term. De Krim Texel and most of our operations are certified with Green Key Gold. Read more about Green Key


Event sponsoring 

The vast array of activities and events on the island make Texel both an attractive holiday destination and place to live, which is why we like to sponsor various events on the island. These include the Round Texel Race, Lange Juni Cultuurmaand Texel, BORT and Springspektakel. 

More sponsoring

Island. In 2017, after a collision with a ship, an impressive whale washed up on Texel. Ecomare decided to exhibit the skeleton. Assembling the skeleton is very expensive. Therefore, Ecomare decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2021. De Krim Texel is sponsoring one of the most unique bone parts of the skeleton: the 6 meter long skull.

From campsite to nature reserve 

Campsite Kogerstrand is closed in the winter months. During this time, the dune campsite is a nature reserve with an important role: to protect the island against the water. The preservation and protection of this stunning nature reserve is a constant consideration in the operation of Campsite Kogerstrand.


Supporting the local community

Texel is small. And because it is small, it can sometimes be hard to set up or maintain certain facilities, while these are actually crucial for the liveability of the island. Broodnodig (Texel food bank) is an important local community facility, one we are happy to donate any surplus food to from our restaurants. Another example is the community centre in De Cocksdorp, which was on the verge of being closed down. Our contribution meant that a manager can continue to work here in the next few years so that the community centre can remain open and carry on playing a vital role in the community. Through activities such as these, we want to strengthen the connection between tourism, nature and Texel’s local community where possible. 


For the island, by the island! 

We are a major employer, employing up to 470 people in the holiday season. As an organisation, we do a lot of things ourselves, often in partnership with local people. Almost all our employees live on Texel and where possible, we use local businesses for (construction) projects at De Krim (such as the family villas and the new swimming pool at Holiday Park De Krim, and the solar park at Golf Course De Texelse). For the island, by the island! 

We listen to you 

After a stay at De Krim Texel, we ask our guests to fill in a questionnaire. The results are listed in the review section of our park and accommodation unit pages. They also motivate us to continuously improve our service. It is how we can keep raising the quality of the experience we provide, giving you ‘More Texel’. 


Knowledge and expertise 

Our employees share their knowledge and expertise with various organisations, platforms and advisory bodies such as STIFTexel (Stichting Toeristisch Investeringsfonds Texel), RECRON (leisure industry association), Rotary, Raad van Advies VVV Texel and TOP Texel (Texels Ondernemers Platform). In doing so, we always strive to create ‘a better tomorrow today’. 


Voluntary work by employees

We think it is important for Texel to do well and want to contribute to this by helping the island and its residents. This is because there are fewer and fewer volunteers on Texel, while the demand for help is increasing. This is why we offer all employees of De Krim Texel the opportunity to do paid voluntary work on Texel for 4 hours a month. The organisations we support in this way are: De Omring, De Zonnebloem and Texels Welzijn.


De Krim Texel has had Hart voor Texel for over 50 years. We would like to show you what Texel has to offer and how you can get the Texel feeling at home. That is why you can buy products from local entrepreneurs via this page. In this way we support the local entrepreneurs on Texel. Locals4Locals; that's also what we call #HartvoorTexel.

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About De Krim

About De Krim

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