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Green Key Gold

For De Krim Texel  

De Krim is a real recreation company on Texel. We feel jointly responsible for the liveability and vitality of Texel and make a strong case for this. We care for our environment with an eye for both the short and long term. Sustainability is a natural part of this and we apply it throughout our company, without you as our guest having to compromise on comfort and quality. Green Key helps us achieve controlled and measurable sustainability. In 2022, this global quality mark inspected our sustainability efforts and certified De Krim Texel and most of our operations with the highest attainable level: Gold!

Sustainable choices 

We consider sustainability to be of crucial importance and, accordingly, implement it throughout the company. E.g. saving energy and water, cleaning in an environmentally friendly way, recycling and making informed choices when buying products. 

Sustainable energy 

We have invested a lot in generating renewable energy ourselves in recent years. Solar panels have been installed in various places. On the water storage at Golf Course de Texelse and on the game hall at Holiday Park De Krim, for example, there are a total of 2667 solar panels. On the villas of Villapark De Koog there are another 480 solar panels. The total is good for 721,463 kW per year. There are also plans to install solar panels on the roof of Swimming Pool De Krim and in the 2nd water storage area near the golf course. Naturally, charging stations for electric cars are available at all parks.

Sustainable development

Sustainability is also an important pillar in new developments. Swimming pool De Krim, for example, uses various environmentally-friendly techniques to generate heat and energy as sustainably as possible. The water in the swimming pool is purified on the basis of salt electrolysis. So we hardly need to use any chlorine. The villas at Villapark De Koog are equipped with heat pumps and solar panels for sustainably generated energy. Of course, energy-saving measures have also been taken, such as high insulation values and the use of LED lamps.

Socially responsible 

But sustainability goes beyond environmental adjustments. Our social involvement is also high. For instance, we sponsor various local events and charities such as the KNRM, we donate food to the local food bank and our employees get to do paid voluntary work for a number of hours a week. Read more about how we fulfil our social role. 

Location of our parks on Texel

Hotel Molenbos
Postweg 224-226, De Cocksdorp
View the hotel
Golf Course De Texelse
Roggeslootweg 3, De Cocksdorp
View the golf course
Swimming pool
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the pool
Holiday Park De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View Holiday Park
Campsite Kogerstrand
Badweg 33, De Koog
View campsite
Campsite De Shelter
Boodtlaan 43, De Koog
View campsite
Villa Park De Koog
Boodtlaan 80, De Koog
View campsite
Bungalow Park 't Hoogelandt
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View Bungalow Park
Residentie Californië
Californiëweg 443, De Koog
View appartments
Campsite Loodsmansduin
Rommelpot 19, Den Hoorn
View campsite
Camping De Krim
Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
View the camping

Sustainability photo album

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Sustainability at our parks

Below are some examples of sustainable measures we apply at all our parks:

  • Energy and water are always used sparingly. This includes the use of solar panels, LED lighting, light sensors and timers for air conditioning and heating. A great example is our 'warm welcome'. By using smart technology, we can give you a warm welcome, as the heater in your holiday home is already switched on just before you arrive. But if you are not present or sleeping for a while, it will also turn down automatically.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products are used. At all locations, for example, cleaning is done with stabilised ozone water and plant-based cleaning agents. Ozone cleans more hygienically and streak-free than traditional methods. After 24 hours, the ozone dissipates and all that remains is pure oxygen and water.
  • Less use is made of paper. For example, the welcome folder has been replaced by a digital version and the process around reservations and payments is also completely digital.

View our CSR statement (pfd - NL)

Director of De Krim Texel about Green Key

We think sustainability is important and are pursuing an increasingly green policy. This fits very well with our mission and care for Texel. I am proud that this is not only true for us as management, but that our employees also see the importance of a sustainable policy and make an effort to implement changes. The Green Key standardisation helps us make this measurable and constantly set new goals.

With Texel regards

Iwan Groothuis
Director at Holiday Park De Krim


What's Green Key?

Green Key is the international hallmark for sustainable businesses in the leisure and recreation sector and business market. Companies with a Green Key quality mark do everything they can to preserve the environment, without guests compromising on comfort and quality. In doing so, they go a step further than normal laws and regulations require.

The certificate has three levels in the Netherlands: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a recreation company has implemented, the higher the 'eco-friendly' level. De Krim Texel BV, Vakantiepark De Krim (excluding bungalows), Villapark De Koog, Camping Kogerstrand, Camping Loodsmansduin, Camping De Shelter and Hotel Molenbos are all inspected and certified with a gold Green Key in 2022.

Find out more about Green Key.

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