Green Key Gold

for Villa park De Koog

Green Key Gold for Villa Park De Koog

De Koog, Texel 

De Krim Texel has been working towards sustainable operations for many years. After all, this is inextricably linked to our care for Texel. These efforts have ensured that Villa Park De Koog has received the Green Key Gold certificate since 2022. Below are some examples of our sustainable business operations at Villa Park De Koog.

Sustainable policy Villa Park De Koog

The construction of Villapark De Koog is based on sustainability. The villas are equipped with heat pumps and solar panels, for sustainably generated energy. Of course, energy-saving measures have also been taken, such as high insulation values and the use of LED lamps. Of course, the park also has charging stations for electric cars.

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About Green Key

"Companies with Green Key certification are doing much more in terms of sustainability than the law requires"
Green Key Netherlands

Some examples

  • The villas at Villapark De Koog are all equipped with heat pumps and solar panels that provide sustainably generated energy in the villas.
  • Charging points for electric cars are available on the park.
  • At Villa Park De Koog, you will mainly find plants native to the area. This has the advantage that we do not have to water extra. The plants are used to the weather conditions on Texel.
  • This native planting is also important for Texel's insect species. We have aslo built an insect hotel for them at the park.
  • You can easily rent (electric) bicycles from us. We encourage cycling on the island instead of travelling by car.
Island post: the latest news

De Krim Texel is working hard to become more sustainable.

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Solar panel array opened

Solar panel array created on the water buffer at Golf Course De Texelse is opened. 

Pride of the Parkmanager

'Villapark De Koog is a fairly new park. So during construction we were already able to take sustainability into account. To generate energy in a sustainable way, we fitted all villas with heat pumps and solar panels.'

Robert Saal
Park manager at Villa Park De Koog

What's Green Key?

The Green Key is an international seal of approval for businesses in the leisure sector that make every effort to preserve the environment. The quality mark is awarded in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Villa Park De Koog was awarded the highest rating: Gold.

In the coming years, De Krim Texel will continue its efforts to further reduce its environmental impact at Villa Park De Koog. The Certificate Green Key 2022 (pdf-NL) will help in this regard as the standards are tightened every three years.

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