Do you know Joris & Jet yet?

Fun with Joris Jutter & Jet Visnet! 

Have you met Joris & Jet yet? In the school holidays*, Joris Jutter & Jet Visnet have super-fun adventures with their new friends Zizo, Zaza, Mees and Terry at Holiday Park De Krim and at our campsites. Find out all about your new holiday friends Joris, Jet, Zizo and the rest of the gang here now! 

Would you like to meet all your holiday friends at home? Watch the fun videos on Joris Jutter TV.

*Outside of the school holidays, Joris & Jet have to go to school and don’t go on adventures.

Photo gallery Fun activities with Joris, Jet & Zizo


Joris Jutter and Jet Visnet

Joris is the son of a real Texel beachcomber! He scours the island with his metal detector in search of special things buried underground. He even found a coin from Roman times once! When Joris isn’t combing the beach, he can be seen at one of the parks of De Krim, telling stories about all his adventures. He also really loves dancing and playing bingo with the other children at the park!

Jet has been Joris Jutter’s girlfriend for years. They absolutely adore each other and do everything together! She is the smart one out of the two of them and always comes up with great ideas when they go on an adventure. Jet is an animal lover, just like Joris Jutter. But sometimes, she finds them a little scary. No need really, because animals are incredibly sweet and nice. Jet particularly loves seals. Zizo the Seal is her good friend. Jet also loves doing arts & crafts and drawing with the children at the park or campsite!


Zizo and Zaza

Zizo and Zaza are seals. Zizo has washed up on the beach of Texel. Joris and Jet discovered him when they were combing the beach and decided to take him with them to the holiday park. Zizo liked it so much there that he never left.

Zizo makes people smile wherever he goes. He absolutely loves swimming in the sea. He often accompanies Joris and Jet to the beach. But he is not much of an adventurer. Zizo often eats all the food they brought with them because he really loves yummy food! Have you seen Zizo’s dance yet?

Zaza is Zizo’s little sister. She followed her big brother to De Krim. Zizo is her big role model and best friend. This little seal loves playing with tiny tots at the park. Isn’t she sweet? 

Mail for Zizo

Our friend Zizo now has his own post box at the reception desk of the park! Will you also make a nice craft, drawing, letter or colouring page for Zizo?
Zizo, Jet and Joris are Jutters curious about what you are going to make!


It's party time at De Krim Texel

Do you already know? It's party time at De Krim Texel! Joris and Jet love to dance and sing. You too? They love to dance to this song at the mini disco. Stay or get into the holiday mood by listening to this song!


Joris and Jet are going into the theatre! During their adventures, they experience something fun and funny every time. Watch all the adventures on Joris Jutter's YouTube channel.

Bedtime stories

 It's almost bedtime again! That's why we read a bedtime story with Zizo. Are you already putting on your pajamas? Watch a movie every day. 

Current parkprograms

You will regularly meet Joris, Jet and Zizo at fun activities in the recreation programme. View the current park programmes of the various parks here.


A colouring picture of Joris, Jet and friends!

Do you love colouring in? Download a colouring picture of all these holiday friends now! 


Facebook & YouTube

Joris Jutter also has his own Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel! Follow Joris and his friends now for even more fun before you get to meet them for real!

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