Green Key Gold

for Hotel Molenbos

Green Key Gold for Hotel Molenbos

De Cocksdorp, Texel 

De Krim Texel has been working on sustainable operations for many years. After all, this is inextricably linked to our care for Texel. These efforts have ensured that Hotel Molenbos has received the Green Key Gold certificate since 2022. Below are some examples of our sustainable business operations at Hotel Molenbos.

Sustainable policy Hotel Molenbos

Just like at all our other parks, Hotel Molenbos has looked closely at insulation, sustainable materials and smart technology to save energy. In recent years, many energy-saving measures have been implemented behind the scenes in areas such as water, lighting, heating and cleaning.

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About Green Key

"Companies with Green Key certification are doing much more in terms of sustainability than the law requires"
Green Key Netherlands

Some examples

  • The car parks have charging points for charging electric cars.
  • You can easily rent electric bicycles from us and charge them in the bicycle shed. With this, we encourage cycling on the island instead of travelling by car.
  • We still offer you the convenience of hand soap, shower foam, shampoo but no longer in mono packs, thus reducing waste.
  • In the public toilets, you will also find the soap in dispensers and these have a hand soap with a sustainability mark.
  • The cups in the bathroom are made of recycled plastic with recycled packaging. Using recycled plastic also saves energy, requiring about 88% less energy than producing new plastic.
  • If you stay with us longer, the beds are no longer changed daily, but after 2-3 days. This means we need to wash less, which is better for the environment.
  • More organic and local products have been added to the breakfast buffet. Tasty, healthy and better for the environment.
  • The fridge in the hotel room is turned off by default; you can turn it on to use as you wish. This measure reduces energy consumption.
Island post: the latest news

De Krim Texel is working hard to become more sustainable.

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Solar panel array opened

Solar panel array created on the water buffer at Golf Course De Texelse is opened. 

Pride of the Parkmanager

"Your experience is our number one priority. I am proud that we manage to make that go hand in hand with a sustainable policy. A great example of this is the breakfast. The use of local Texel products, such as dairy from the Novalis farm and strawberries from De Reuzeaardbei, adds value for our guests. And at the same time, we support local entrepreneurs by doing so and reduce the number of traffic movements."

Maikel Beijne
Hotelmanager at Hotel Molenbos

What's Green Key?

The Green Key is an international seal of approval for businesses in the leisure sector that make every effort to preserve the environment. The quality mark is awarded in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Hotel Molenbos was awarded the highest rating: Gold.

In the coming years, De Krim Texel will continue its efforts to further reduce its environmental burden at Hotel Molenbos. The Certificate Green Key 2022 (pdf-NL) will help with this, as the standards are tightened every three years.

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