Green Key Gold

for Camping Kogerstrand

Green Key Gold for Camping Kogerstrand

De Koog, Texel 

De Krim Texel has been working towards sustainable operations for many years. After all, this is inseparable from our care for Texel. These efforts have ensured that Campsite Kogerstrand has received the Green Key Gold certificate since 2022. Below are some examples of our sustainable business operations at Campsite Kogerstrand.

Sustainable policy Camping Kogerstrand

As at all our other parks, at Camping Kogerstrand we look closely at insulation, sustainable materials and smart technology to save energy. In recent years, many energy-saving measures have been implemented behind the scenes in areas such as water, lighting, heating and cleaning.

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About Green Key

"Companies with Green Key certification are doing much more in terms of sustainability than the law requires"
Green Key Netherlands

Some examples

  • We don't always get away with controlling (unwanted) plants or animals. Should this be the case then we use environmentally friendly products.
  • We try to save as much drinking water as possible. That's why we collect rainwater and reuse it, for instance to water the greenery.
  • In the toilets at the facilities and on the campsite, you will find soap in dispensers and these are labelled with a sustainability label.
  • You can easily rent (electric) bicycles from us. We encourage cycling on the island instead of travelling by car.
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Eco-friendly cleaning

De Krim Texel cleans in an eco-friendly way.

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Special Solarproject

De Krim Texel and SolarEdge work together on special solar project.

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Pride of the park manager

'What I am proud of is that we can share a campsite in a beautiful nature reserve with our guests from the end of March through October, but also that we can give her back to nature during the other months. Within De Krim Texel we use many environmentally friendly products, for example in cleaning. It is important to us that this is in line with the nature reserve where we are located, but at the same time ensures a pleasant stay for our guests.'

Arjen Lap
Park manager at Campsite Kogerstrand

What's Green Key?

The Green Key is an international seal of approval for businesses in the leisure sector that make every effort to preserve the environment. The quality mark is awarded in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Camping Kogerstrand was awarded the highest rating: Gold.

In the coming years, De Krim Texel will continue its efforts to further reduce its environmental burden at Camping Kogerstrand. The Certificate Green Key 2022 (pdf-NL) will help in this respect as the standards are tightened every three years.

Read more about the sustainability policy at our parks.


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