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Jan Plezier’s covered waggon tours offer lovely trips across Texel, travelling through varied landscapes with heath, moist dune valleys, dry dunes, woods and wide beaches. See Texel’s countryside from a covered waggon drawn by Belgian draft horses or make a special beach ride on one of these tough horses.

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Wagon tour with disabled people 

People who are less able to walk can also join the covered wagon tour of Jan Plezier. On the covered wagon they have made arrangements for disabled people and people in wheelchairs. There is an easy step up and a fold down ramp. The wheelchair itself can also be secured in the wagon.

Riding a horse

At Jan Plezier you can make a covered wagon trip or a beach trip on these sturdy horses. In small groups they make trips through the nature of Texel, through the woods, the dunes and over the beach. The trip takes about 3 hours. After the ride they are ready for you with fresh coffee and tea with Texel cake. This trip is for experienced riders. Are you less experienced? Check out other possibilities for an outside ride on Texel.  

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Address: De Koog
Website: Jan Plezier
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Our tips at... a covered wagon with Jan Plezier

De Krim Texel is a true Texel company. When we are not at work, we also enjoy everything that Texel has to offer. And of course we try everything out! Today our Texel reporter and colleague Jessica will take you on a covered wagon trip with Jan Plezier.  

Visit the lighthouse

Today we are going on a covered wagon ride with Jan Plezier. We stand at the bus shelter opposite the Lidl in De Koog, as this is the boarding point for the covered wagon tour. After just a few minutes we hear the horses'and not much later the big cart comes around the corner. An employee gets out and lists all the names and one by one we get in.


From De Koog towards De Nederlanden

After everyone has been given a spot, we are ready to leave. The horses get the signal that we can leave and ata gentle trot we ride out of the centre of De Koog. Past Camping De Shelter and Villapark De Koog, we round the ben towards De Nederlanden nature reserve. There Pieter, coachman of the covered wagon, tells us about the sheep pen we are driving towards. But that's not all, throughout the trip Pieter tells us about the farm, the horses, the island, its inhabitants and the are we are driving through.

The Slufter

After a little over an hour, we arrived at De Slufter. We went from fresh to salt water Pieter explained. In the Slufter, there is still a layer of this salt water which we take our horser and covered wagon through. A nice sight which is of course captured! In De Slufter, we take a short break. Everyone gets out to stretch their legs and have a cup of coffee or tea. Together with Jessica, I look athe De Slufter, a unique piece of nature. 



After a short break, it's time to head back. Using the same route, we drive back to De Koog. Also on the way back, Pieter talks endlessly about everything we see around us. About the witch's brooms in the trees, the wild cows grazing and the highdivorce rate on Texel. One thing is for sure: the humour is right there! 


Back in De Koog, we all got off the bus. I had never been on a Jan Plezier covered wagon tour before. I found it a very enjoyable experience. Not only is it a relaxing ride in a covered wagon, you also get to see the surroundings from a different point of view and you also learn all kinds of things along the way. For example, did you know that one sea buckthorn berry contains more vitamin C than three oranges? For Jessica too, it was the first time she joined the covered wagon ride. She too really enjoyed the ride. "The coachman told all kinds of fun facts about the animals and nature we drove past. I also really liked the part in De Slufter, especially when we rode with horses and covered wagon through the water. I thought it was a fun and enjoyable experience." 

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Editors De Krim Texel
Update: July 21, 2022 13:30

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