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Museum Kaap Skil

Museum Kaap Skil is an eclectic museum with a focus on Texel’s stories and adventures about the hard life at and with the sea.The museum collection consists of top finds from centuries-old shipwrecks found off the coast of Texel. Kaap Skil has indoor and outdoor entertainment for the whole family!

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Throughout the year, Museum Kaap Skil contains various exhibitions on fishing, shipping, beachcombing and the importance of Texel in the seventeenth century. At the time, Texel was an important hub for shipping. Off the coast near Oudeschild was the Reede van Texel, the largest anchorage in the world. This is brought to life in Museum Kaap Skil by the world's largest maritime model.

Exclusive powder box 

A new find has surfaced from the Palmwood wreck, namely a very special powder box! The box is made of gilded brass and contains detailed illustrations, which refers to mythological stories. You can admire this unique and luxurious powder box at the museum until September 30th.

Open air museum

In the open air museum you go back in time. From May to October old crafts are regularly shown here. Fishermen polish their nets, fish is smoked and the blacksmith shows how things went in the forge.

Visitor information

Address: Heemskerckstraat 9, Oudeschild
Website: Museum Kaap Skil
Check the latest information and opening hours on the provider's website!

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