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The Sommeltjespad

Walk the Sommeltjespad in De Dennen. During the beautiful forest walk you will come across Sommeltjes and various playgrounds. Sommeltjes are little earth men from Texel who come to life at night to dance on the Sommeltjesberg. During the day they turn into stones and show children the way on the Sommeltjespad. If you look around, you will see Sommeltjes everywhere.

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Address: Pelikaanweg, De Koog
Website: The Sommeltjespad
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Our tips on… Spotting ‘Sommeltjes’ in the forest 

De Krim Texel is a genuine Texel company. When we’re not working, we also enjoy everything that Texel has to offer. This means we have a ton of knowledge about the island, and are happy to share the best and most original tips with you. This time we’re taking you to the ‘Sommeltjespad’ trail! Something you don’t want to miss when visiting Texel with (small) children! But, before starting the walk, it may be a good idea to explain what Sommeltjes actually are. You know… just in case.


Sommeltjes are gnomes that live in Sommeltjesberg mountain. At night, they all come to life to dance in the moonlight. But, as soon as dawn arrives, they are very hard to find. They are really small and can change their shape, but Sommeltjes also turn to stone when touched by sunlight. But some of the Sommeltjes aren’t quite fast enough and you can find all these little creatures along the trail.


The trail

Now that you know what Sommeltjes are, we can tell you a bit more about the trail. It starts on the Pelikaanweg near De Koog, where you can also park your car or bicycle.
At the edge of the forest there’s a big arch that you must pass through. This marks the start of the trail that is about 1.5 kilometres long. Everywhere alongside the route there are markers featuring a pair of eyes surrounded by green edging. If you see them during the walk you will know that you are still on the right trail.

Fun for children

Along the way, you will see more than just Sommeltjes. If you look carefully you will also see animals made of wood. These animals are hidden in the trees but can also be found on the ground. Then there is a section with lots of painted birdhouses and you will also pass a number of playgrounds.
Anyone fancy a break? No problem at all. There are a number of benches along the trail.

Fenced birdwatch area Alloo

Are the kids still bursting with energy? Then visit the fenced birdwatch area as well. Take a left after the frog at the pond, before you get to the picnic benches. If you then take the next left and keep on walking, you can’t miss the fenced birdwatch area! Here, you can watch wheatears and white wagtails.

Enjoying nature

Not done walking? Near the Sommeltjespad trail, Staatsbosbeheer offers you the Natuurpad Het Alloo trail too, a 4.5 km walk, or y ou could opt for the family walk that is ju st 2.7 km long. 


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Update: March 17, 2022 13:00

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