The Highest point

of Texel


The beautiful area consists of pine forest, heathland, flowers and steep slopes. Seetingsnollen (nol is the Texel word for high dune) has the highest point on Texel, measuring no less than 24,8 metres. Take a walk through the area of about 6 kilometers. The area is also equipped with cycling and bridle paths. Enjoy a variety of birds including the meadow pipit, linnet, wheatear, nightingale and many more.

Photos Seetingsnollen


A touch of history

The area has a touch of history, a train track ran through it during the Second World War. This was used to transport building materials and supplies. With these materials, the Germans built the 'Atlantic Wall'.

Visitor information

Parking: You can park your car at Ecomare, from here you can enter the area.
Extra: Dogs are allowed on a leash. 

Address: Ruijslaan 92, De Koog
Website: Seetingsnollen
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