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Surfing Texel 

Surfing a wave is a fantastic feeling. Learning to wave surf or already experienced? Then Texel is the place to be! Thanks to Texel's good location, the waves arrive here extra well. At Surfschool Foamball and Surfcenter Paal 9, the enthusiastic surf instructors teach not only the right surf technique, but also everything about surf etiquette and surf forecasts. Lessons are provided at every level for adults and children (from 6 years of age). Want to hire a surfboard or wetsuit? Then you can go there too.

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Surfing in the Netherlands  

I hear you thinking, "Surfing in the Netherlands?". When it comes to good surf spots, the Netherlands is often not the first destination most people think of. However, if you already had a taste of North Sea waves you will know better! Although the waves are generally smaller than in the Atlantic, you can also find excellent conditions here provided the right conditions. Sometimes the waves here are even better than in France, really! Especially for the beginner surfer, the Dutch coast often offers very good conditions. Because the wind blows often and hard in the Netherlands in combination with the shallow North Sea, waves quickly break for surfing. 

Curious about current surf conditions? Then take a look at webcam Paal 9 or webcam Paal 17.


Surfing on Texel  

To surf, you obviously need good waves. Texel's coast has a very convenient location, which means the waves are often more powerful than in other places in the Netherlands. This makes it an ideal place for a surfing trip, even for the experienced surfer. The best surfing conditions for the novice surfer are between May and October, while the most experienced surfers wait for storms from the north-west, which again are more common in the colder winter months of the year. Besides Texel's beautiful primeval Dutch landscape, its location also makes it possible to surf in different conditions at any time of day, making it a unique surfing destination in the Netherlands. When waves come in from the north-west, the whole island is actually good for surfing, especially when the tide is higher. When the waves come from the southwest, the best time to surf is at low tide, at Paal 9. 

The benefits of surfing 

Being active outdoors in nature, there are few sports in which you are as surrounded by nature as with surfing. The fresh sea breeze, the sound of the waves, in the middle of beautiful surroundings and completely dependent on the wind and tide. Not surprisingly, surfing is addictive and has many physical and mental benefits. Clearing your head completely for a while and experiencing a stronger connection with nature, these are just some of the benefits you can experience. Once you catch that wave, adrenaline rushes through your body, a feeling that surfers find difficult to describe in words. It is not for nothing that the saying 'only a surfer knows the feeling'. If you are lucky, a curious seal will come along to watch too! 


Surfing lessons Texel 

On Texel, you can also take surfing lessons or rent surfing equipment. For this you can go to:

Surfschool Foamball
Address: Ruijslaan 44, De Koog
Website: Surfschool Foamball

Surfcenter Paal 9
Address: Hoorderslag 8, Den Hoorn
Website: Surfcenter Paal 9
Check the latest information and opening hours on the provider's website!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can surf all year round in the Netherlands provided the right conditions. If there is wind at sea towards the Dutch coast, you can expect waves. 

There are several good surf spots on Texel. Paal 9 and Paal 17 are the best-known surf spots, but good surf spots can also be discovered at de Koog towards Cocksdorp. 

Yes, there are two surf schools on Texel that rent surf equipment, Surfschool Foamball and Surf Center Paal 9. 

You can book surfing lessons at both Surfschool Foamball and Surf Center Paal 9. 

The best conditions for beginners are from May to October. In the autumn and winter months, the waves tend to be more powerful which in turn is better for advanced surfers. 

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Update: November 1, 2022 15:30

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