Pinocchio's adventures

classic story brought to life in theatre show

Theatre show Pinocchio!

2 August 2023 at Evenementenhal Texel

An exciting show packed with adventure for the whole family. Featuring the Blue Fairy, cricket Japie and toy maker Geppetto. Get carried away in this wonderful story.

About Pinocchio

Kindly carpenter Gepetto dreams of having a son of his own. He has been working for months on a big wooden puppet, Pinokkio. When one day a fairy conjures the puppet to life, Gepetto cannot believe his luck. Well, just for a little while. Because Pinocchio does not listen well. He prefers to go on adventures, experience the craziest things. Taking the whole world by the nose. But Pinocchio also carries a big wish with him. This naughty wooden doll wants more than anything to be a real boy. But will this fairytale come true?



Date: Wednesday 2 August 2023
Time: 16:00 - 17:30 (incl. break).
Hall open: 15:30
Location: Evenementenhal Texel at Vakantiepark De Krim, Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
Single ticket price: €5
Tickets: This event is over.
Parking and cloakroom: Free
Age: All ages

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