66 new donors

For the KNRM!

The KNRM’s (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) open house was held on Saturday and was a huge success. Many donors took the opportunity to take a ride on a lifeboat. At Oudeschild, volunteers from the KNRM sailed tours of the rescue boat Cornelis Dito, fish was fried and volunteer rescuers explained about the KNRM. In 2024, KNRM Rescue Boat Day will take place on May 25, then KNRM will be celebrating its 200th anniversary!


KNRM Package
A memorable moment was the presentation of a cheque issued by De Krim Texel. Since 2010, De Krim Texel has offered its guests ‘KNRM packages’ in this period of the year. For guests who take advantage of these packages, De Krim Texel also pays one year’s contribution to the KNRM, which is valued at €25.00. In practice, by far the majority of these guests remain a donor for years afterwards. This year, De Krim Texels packages supplied 66 new donors. The KNRM depends fully on donations, which it receives from donors and other parties. Thanks in part to De Krim Texel, the number of new donors that are recruited for the KNRM station on Texel is by far the highest in the Netherlands. 


The cheque
De Krim Texel has presented a cheque for more than €1500. These funds were raised thanks to the special KNRM package, which had been purchased by 66 of De Krim Texels guests. KNRM volunteers can be seen on the quay. 

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