De Krim Texel celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years of De Krim Texel

De Krim Texel is celebrating its golden jubilee on Thursday 7 May 2020. Exploitatiemaatschappij De Krim was founded in 1970 and started with the exploitation of an emergency campsite behind the Rugediek: Camping De Krim. In the past 50 years, our Texel company has grown to nine exploitations spread across the island.

Festivities and book

Of course, we would have loved to celebrate our golden jubilee with our guests, employees and the people of Texel. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so right now due to corona measures. We intend to celebrate the jubilee with festivities later this year.

The unique and inspiring pioneer story of De Krim Texel was written down in a jubilee book that will be presented during the official celebration in autumn.



A lot has happened in 50 years. From the development of the emergency campsite to a full-fledged holiday park with many facilities to the construction of the golf course, the merger with the Texel Camping Foundation, the expansion of our range with an event hall and much more. We are incredibly proud of the healthy organisation currently in place. An independent company that cares deeply about Texel. “We have felt a responsibility for the island of Texel from the very beginning”, says Iwan Groothuis, General Director. Our foundation document literally states: “Their aim is to exploit this area for recreational purposes, thereby increasing the livelihoods of the inhabitants of Texel and of Eierland in particular.” This philosophy is still very much alive. This is manifested, among other things, in the choice of suppliers, social personnel policy, support for social and cultural activities on Texel and investments in sustainability. Our continued focus on quality - in services, internal organisation, accommodations and employees - enables us to achieve growth and to exceed our guests’ expectations. Read more about De Krim Texel

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