Environmentally friendly cleaning

With ozone and osmosis

In early 2021, we began making the cleaning processes at our parks and accommodations more sustainable. For example, windows are washed with osmosis water, acidic cleaning agents have been replaced with plant-based, 100% biodegradable cleaning agents wherever possible, and cleaning is done with Tersano ozone water.


What is ozone water?

Previously, accommodations were cleaned with an indoor cleaner and a sanitary cleaner. Since 2021, the indoor cleaner has been replaced by ozone water. The ozone generator converts cold tap water into osmosis water. The osmosis water is then electrically charged, after which it is called ozone water. Ozone water has an active disinfecting and bactericidal effect for 24 hours after it is produced. In addition, it dries up streak-free. Windows and mirrors, for example, are cleaned with this water.

Meanwhile, this new way of cleaning has been successfully introduced at all the parks. This is part of our sustainable policy that has been rewarded with a golden Greenkey.

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Update: July 25, 2023 15:00

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