Executive Board expansion De Krim Texel

The management of De Krim Texel has been expanded with an Operations Director as of 1 November 2020. This role will be fulfilled by Yvette van Veen.

According to Iwan Groothuis, Managing Director of De Krim Texel, the choice for the board expansion is a logical one. We have grown enormously in recent years. Until 1 November all operational and commercial management tasks were with Jolanda Kamphuis as Commercial & Operational Director. From now on she will focus 100% on all commercial activities and (digital) innovations within De Krim Texel.


Operational Director

Yvette van Veen has been working at De Krim Texel as a P&O manager since 1 January 2020. Before coming to Texel she gained a lot of experience in various management positions. At her last employer - the SWK group, active in childcare, care, community work and education - as regional manager she was responsible for 65 childcare locations in Rotterdam. What prevailed in all functions was the focus on the optimization of the processes, with a human dimension and with welcoming glasses. Yvette: "Guest experience has always been of paramount importance at De Krim Texel, but we see that this role is becoming increasingly important now and in the near future. The experiences Yvette has gained make her the right woman in the right place. As Operational Director, she will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the operations. 

With confidence in the future

Together with Iwan Groothuis (Managing Director), Jolanda Kamphuis (Commercial Director) and Bart van Tongeren (Financial Director), Yvette forms the board of directors of De Krim Texel.
The expansion of the board of directors means that Iwan Groothuis looks to the future with even more confidence. Iwan: "De Krim Texel is doing well, even in these special times, and of course we want to keep it that way. There are still enormous opportunities, especially in the field of guest experiences in the broadest sense. The guest is becoming more and more critical, so we will have to stay focused on that. Where do you secure the processes smarter? Where and how are you going to excel in human contact? How do we maintain the online marketing position that is so important to us? With the expansion of our management team, we are taking the next step not only to digitise better and smarter processes, but also to inspire everyone to work in a more enjoyable, hospitable and efficient way".

De Krim Texel, management

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Update: November 3, 2020 14:00

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