Solar panels and water storage 

On Golf Course De Texelse

A second solar panel field on top of a water storage tank is currently being constructed on Golf Course De Texelse. As a result, Golf Course De Texelse is well prepared for droughts and periods of abundant water and De Krim Texel is increasingly meeting its own energy needs.


Sustainable water management and energy generation

There are two water storage areas at Golf Course De Texelse. The total water surface area is more than 12,500m2, allowing some 27,500,000 litres of water to be stored here. In periods of high water, these reservoirs fulfil a useful function for the golf course and the surrounding area by temporarily storing excess water. 

On the first water storage tank, 2,390 solar panels have already been installed in 2017. Another 1,600 solar panels will be installed on the second water storage area. De Krim Texel is thus taking a big step towards generating its own energy and will use it efficiently itself through a smart grid system. 

The installation of the floating solar panels will also reduce evaporation of the stored water by 75%. This means that in the summer months some 30,000 litres per day (over 5,000,000 litres per year) will not evaporate and will therefore remain available for periods of severe drought.

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Update: April 13, 2023 16:30

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