Christmas hike

with tasty snacks

Taste Christmas

at sheep farm De Waddel

Are you planning a wonderful Christmas walk? Then don't forget to walk through the oldest place on the island, the Hoge Berg, and pass by sheep farm De Waddel. De Waddel has delicious snacks from the farm ready for you to take along on your walk. Also take along the De Waddel route booklet, which contains a fun treasure hunt for the children. At the end of the trail, there is a small surprise for the children!

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Visitor information

Practical info: Wear boots or sturdy shoes
Address: Westergeest 4, 1791 LJ Den Burg
Date: 26 December 2021
Time: Book a time on the website
Costs: Adults €12.50, children €7.50
Website: Taste Christmas at De Waddel
Check the latest information and opening hours on the provider's website!

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