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De Hoge Berg

 Between the villages of Den Burg and Oudeschild lies De Hoge Berg nature reserve. This mountain was formed some 150,000 years ago by the clay pushes. The area can be recognised by its many garden walls, drinking holes and sheep pens. Various walking routes have been mapped out through this special area. 

Photo gallery De Hoge Berg

Drinking pools

Drinking cisterns could be found in every pasture on the old land of Texel. The rainwater does not sink into them, so fresh water is always available for the cattle. Many of these gullies have been filled in because they are no longer needed. But on De Hoge Berg they are protected.

De Zandkuil

The only insect reserve in the Netherlands is an old sand excavation next to De Hoge Berg, this is called de Zandkuil. More than 20 different species of bees and wasps can be found here, digging holes in the sand of the excavation.

Visitor information

Address: Doolhof 6, Den Burg
Website: De Hoge Berg
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