Beautiful dune areas

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The Dunes of Texel

Texel has large dune areas, which can be found all over the island. The dunes are beautiful to walk in and can be done in every season! The height differences make it a robust area. While walking, you can enjoy the salty sea air and various animals. In between, make a trip to the beach to get some fresh air.

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Walking routes

One of the beautiful walks through the dunes starts at De Cocksdorp and ends at Ecomare. During this 15 kilometer walk you walk right through De Slufter.

The dune area and its inhabitants

Within the dune area, there are also several nature reserves such as De Hors, De Muy and De Slufter, which are certainly worth visiting. While walking, you may also come across Scottish Highlanders, various birds and wild horses. Give them plenty of space, as they feed on all the good things that live, grow and flourish in the dune areas.

Visitor information

Walking route markings
Ongoing route
Blue: Circular route
Red: Nature trail
Green: Access only outside the breeding season

Address: The reserves are at several locations on Texel.
Website: The Dunes
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