Island art on Texel

The Eiland Galerij

An unique art island in the polder

In the Eiland Galerij you can become acquainted with the work and world of the artist couple Niek Welboren and Kerstin Edelmann. Since 1978 the gallery has been located in a former primary school of Zuid-Eierland. In 4 attractive rooms and a sculpture garden they present their drawings, paintings and ceramic objects.

Photo gallery the Eiland Galerij


The artist couple

For both artists, the coastal landscape is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They each translate the timeless elements that surround the island: water, clouds, wind and sea currents into paint or clay.

The History

In addition to the presentation of art, the monumental building honours school and polder history with an authentic collection in the Historisch Lokaal. The collection on display has been collected over the years and mainly comes from schools on Texel.

Visitor information

Address: Postweg 72, De Cocksdorp
Website: Eiland galerij
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