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Have you ever wanted to know what it is like when Michiel de Ruijter opens a hunt for you? Then follow in the footsteps of Neeltje and Cornelis! The couple was furious with Michiel and stole from him. In order not to lose their lives, your team must try to leave Texel unseen within 2 hours. Cross the island and discover the secret location to escape!

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Start location: Den Burg
Website: Escape Tours
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Our experience of… Escape Tours Texel

De Krim Texel is a genuine Texel company. When not at work, we also enjoy everything that Texel has to offer. Andy van der Heiden in our marketing and sales department was on the run from Michiel de Ruyter with his girlfriend and friends using the Escape tour app. Read about his experiences below.

From the start

 "Before we left, we’d already arranged to take part on the Escapetours website and downloaded the app," says Andy. "Then we went to the starting point and got the first challenge. You get one challenge at a time. You have to solve these challenges as quickly as possible. If you answer a question correctly, the app tells you where to go next. The aim of this escape tour is to find the secret exit within two hours.”

All over the island

"The challenges lead you through various villages on Texel," Andy continues enthusiastically. "The route is about 16 kilometres in total. We used the car to get from point to point, but it would have been just as much fun by bike."


Completing the challenges

Along the way, the app gives a signal when you arrive at a location where you have to carry out a challenge. "The questions are not difficult, but you have to think carefully and you' re always looking for clues that can help you solve the question. We often overthought things and didn't get the answer right," laughs Andy. "If you really don't know the answer, you can also ask for a tip on the app."


"We thought the escape tour was a huge success. We learned a lot about Texel and the VOC era in a highly entertaining way. Suddenly you stop at places you’d normally walk past, and you start paying more attention to details. We really enjoyed doing it as a family, because we had to work together as a team to get to the secret place as quickly as possible. We were proud to have succeeded and we celebrated with a nice lunch in Oudeschild.” Andy looks back.

"I've already recommended several people to do it. It's fun for everyone, young and old! In principle, anyone can take part in the escape tour, as long as they've got good legs. Towards the end, we had to cross a grass field, which is a bit more difficult if you're at all disabled. And, of course, you’re up against the clock, so the faster you are the higher your score."

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