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Challenging bends, high speeds, a long straight stretch and the smell of rubber on tarmac. Go karting in Den Burg on the 500-metre outdoor track! At Karting Texel’s circuit park, there is also the possibility to karting, kids’ karting, miniature golf, eat and drink, play in the playground and relax in the sun in the picnic meadow. There’s something for everyone!

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Driving for the title

When you go karting, you naturally want to know how fast you are. At Karting Texel, lap times are displayed to the nearest thousandth of a second. Spectators can follow the intermediate positions on a screen in the canteen and you will receive a printout of the results after the heat.

Karting from 12 years

The karts at Karting Texel are of the Sodi RT8 type. They may be driven by adults and children from 12 years of age with a minimum height of 1.55 m. Safety is very important in any case. Therefore, all karts are well protected according to current NEN standards.


Visitor information

Safety: A helmet, PPE (balaclava + gloves) and closed shoes are mandatory. These are available at Karting Texel.

Address: Akenbuurt 14, Den Burg
Website: Karting Texel
Check the latest information and opening hours on the provider's website!

Our experience with... Karting Texel

De Krim Texel is a genuine Texel company. When we are not at work, we naturally enjoy everything Texel has to offer. So the staff association of De Krim Texel went to the go-kart track in Den Burg to race against each other. You can read about our experiences below.

A new outing

The staff association regularly organises a fun outing for colleagues. This time we went to test who is the fastest colleague at Karting Texel . Tom from the technical services department was also present. He has previously worked at the karting track: "Karting is of course great to do and now even more so, it is a bit of a battle against your colleagues to show who is the best."

Karting Texel

Karting Texel

Arriving at Karting Texel, the group was divided into smaller groups. "It was soon apparent from the atmosphere that there were a few very fanatical men present. But they soon found out that there were also a few fanatical ladies present," says Wendy from the housekeeping department. After everyone was assigned a heat, the first group could get ready. This started with an instructional video.
After this video, everyone got their own helmet cap & helmet and the riding could begin. While one group pushed the throttle hard, the other groups sat on the sidelines watching, snacks and drinks could be obtained and the standings were kept on the screen inside.


First of all, a test lap was driven, so everyone could try out the track first. After this lap, the electronic timing was switched on and the (st)driving could begin. "It was fun to drive laps, especially the long part where you could go nice and fast," Lisa from the P&O department enthusiastically shares her experience.
A total of three heats were run, allowing you to compete against other colleagues each time and use other karts to see if they were faster. After a heat, you were given a printout of the results. 

Karting Texel
Karting Texel


The evening ended with drinks on the terrace where there was a lot of talk about all the experiences. "I thought it was super fun! Everyone participated nicely and driving a kart was nice and fast and challenging! I would definitely recommend this to others," said Lisa from the p&o department. Tom also recommends the kart track: "A lot of things have changed since I worked here. The track is a lot crisper and the karts are all new and even safer."

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