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Roparun Relay Race

Form a team of 4 together with your family, friends or colleagues and take part in the Roparun Relay Race! The teams run 21 or 30 kilometres through an authentic part of the island. During the route, one person runs while the other three cycle. Every kilometre there is a pole which is considered the change-over point.

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The Roparun is a relay race of more than 500 km. it starts in Paris and ends in Rotterdam via Bremen and Almelo. Here, people in a team deliver a sporting performance to raise money for people with cancer. Because of corona, this year the relay run is entirely through the Netherlands. The proceeds of their running events will go to the Roparun, which will be spent on families affected by cancer.

Visitor information

Date: New date to be announced
Entry fee: minimum of €10,- per team of 4 persons
Address: Stayokay, Haffelderweg 29, 1791 AS Den Burg
Website: Roparun Relay Race
Check the latest information on the provider's website! 

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