A unique experience

on the Wadden Sea

Tidal flat cruises on the Wadden Sea

Take the TX10 from the harbour of Oudeschild for tidal flat cruise. The trip goes along a place where seals often rest so there is a chance that you will spot these beautiful animals. 

Arriving at the sandbank you can disembark with a gangway to take a walk with a guide who will tell you all about the rich soil life you are walking on.

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Explore the tidal flats

During the journey of exploration, children are given their own scoop net, the catch caught in this net goes on return in a large living tank on deck. The guide will explain all the catch and then it will be (alive) thrown overboard again.

Sail along with the boatmen

The boatmen Herman and Frido know everything about fishing, the Wadden Sea and Texel. They do their best to give you a fantastic experience on the TX10 'Emmie'.

Visitor information

Address: Haven 8, Oudeschild
Website: Het Wad op
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