Free cancellation

Within 14 days after your booking

Free cancellation within 14 days

If you made a reservation with an arrival date that is at least 28 days after the booking date, you will have 14 days to cancel your booking free of charge - should this be necessary.

*De Krim Certainties apply to all bookings with an arrival date in 2024 and/or 2025 that were booked directly through De Krim Texel (on or by telephone on +31 (0)222-390112). Bookings made through third parties, group bookings and bookings of (pre-)seasonal, fixed or annual places are excluded. 

Terms and Conditions 

Up to 14 days after booking
Within 14 days after booking, your booking can be cancelled free of charge, but only if your date of arrival is not (yet) within 28 days. It is not possible to cancel a reservation that was made 28 days or less before your arrival. 

After 14 days of reservation
Starting from 14 days after creating your reservation, the costs of cancellation is as follows: 

  • over three months before starting date 15% of the agreed upon price 
  • within three to two months before starting date 50% of the agreed upon price 
  • within two to one month before starting date 75% of the agreed upon price 
  • within one month before starting date 90% of the agreed upon price 
  • On the day of starting date 100% of the agreed upon price.

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