Lowest price guarantee

Lowest price guarantee

If you book direct at De Krim Texel, you are assured of the lowest price! If you do find a lower rate elsewhere, we will repay you the difference and in addition, you will receive a 10% discount! 

*De Krim Certainties apply to all bookings with an arrival date in 2024 and/or 2025 that were booked directly through De Krim Texel (on www.krim-texel.com or by telephone on +31 (0)222-390112). Bookings made through third parties, group bookings and bookings of (pre-)seasonal, fixed or annual places are excluded. 

Terms and Conditions Lowest Price Guarantee 

  • The terms and conditions of the booking have to be the same in all aspects, such as arrival and departure date, party travelling, booked extras, the same type of accommodation or location, etc. The rate to be compared includes any published extra booking costs that a random guest has to pay for a reservation. 
  • There must still be availability on the website where you found the offer, and booking for the lower price must actually be possible. 
  • This guarantee only applies to holidays that are booked through www.krim-texel.com.
  • Specific personalised promotions, discounts based on vouchers and/or special offers from another travel operator (such as employee discounts, discounts through clubs, personal discounts) or additional publications (such as one-time (online) promotions, flyers, etc.) are not eligible. 

Repayment Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Repayment can be requested when the person responsible for booking, who booked direct at De Krim Texel for an arrival date in 2024 and/or 2025, can prove that the same booking could be made within 48 hours of the booking, for a lower price on a different website. 
  • Repayment can only be requested within 48 hours after submitting the Proof through prijsgarantie@krim.nl. Such proof can include: a print screen (s) or photo(s) on which the various travel elements, as well as the price at that moment and the date and time on which the proof was created are stated clearly at all times. After verification and approval by De Krim Texel, we will adjust our price and provide the additional discount. 
  • You can only request repayment once, and it must always take place within 48 hours of creating the aforementioned Proof. In the absence of such a notification, the right of (requesting) repayment lapses. 

Book your stay on Texel 

When you book directly with De Krim Texel you are guaranteed the best price. However, if you can book through another party at a lower rate, we will refund the difference. 

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