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Events on Texel

So much to do all year round!

Culture, music or sports lover? Texel has lots to offer you all year round! Surprising, special events in true island style! Below is an overview of fun events to look forward to in the coming months.

The best events on Texel 

Tropcial festival

De Koog
24-08-2018 - 25-08-2018

At the Tropical Sea Festival, various bands play live at the restaurants and cafés in De Koog. The music fills the sultry summer nights on Texel. It’s a cheerful and...

colourful festival: the Tropical Sea Festival. First, several bands play their music in the main street of the village; then the party continues in the little pubs.

Location: De Koog

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Den Hoorn
29-05-2020 - 31-05-2020

Every 2 years, this 3-day home-theatre festival Broadway is held at Whitsun weekend. The charming village of Den Hoorn is turned into...

... A veritable Broadway, where every “theatre” becomes a venue for an amazing performance. More than 30 living rooms and garages are transformed into real, tiny theatres. Get refreshments between performances from street-food stalls.

Location: Den Hoorn

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De Cocksdorp

Texel Airshow, an event held once every 3 years and featuring fascinating shows, attracts some 300 aeroplanes to Texel Airport! Texel Airshow is a breathtaking event...

... with displays of vintage aircraft and various demonstrations and stunts for spectators. 

Location: Postweg 120, De Cocksdorp

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King's Day

Den Burg

27 April is King’s Day! This festive event is celebrated in the bustling centre of Den Burg with a range of activities for all ages. King’s Day is a party throughout...

 ... Den Burg, with lots to do in the Wezentuin, on Groeneplaats, Cinema Texel’s terrace and a flea market. 

Location: Den Burg

New Year's Dip

Multiple Locations

Start the New Year with a chilly dip in the North Sea at one of the entrances to the beach at Poles 9, 20 or 28. Put on your bikini, swimsuit or trunks and take a dive with hundreds of islanders...

... and tourists for a fresh New Year. Then warm up with some nice hot traditional pea soup or a Texel dram. 

Location: Paal 28, De Cocksdorp. Paal 9, Den Hoorn. Paal 20, De Koog

Night of the Night

Multiple Locations

Texel’s night are intensely dark. Here, darkness is really dark. On this night, Texel is host to great activities to show just how special the darkness actually is. The observatory at…

... Ecomare is open. Watch the stars through a telescope if the night is clear. A “dark” excursion round woods, dunes and the beach leaves from Ecomare. Check at the complete programme now.

Location: Multiple Locations

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Wind festival

De Koog
06-10-2018 - 07-10-2018

Wind Festival Texel is Texel’s largest kite event and people fly their large, colourful and diverse kites. At the festival, the sky is filled with...

beautiful, unique kites, from whales to crabs and from Pokémon to teddy bears. There’s just so much to see at this event between Poles 19 and 21 at De Koog.

Location: Paal 20, De Koog

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Wine by the Sea

De Koog

De Koog’s Zeereeppad becomes a promenade where wine-lovers meet to enjoy the view and a good glass of wine. Sip your drink... 

 ..., sample a snack, chat about life, watch the waves and meet Texel’s wine merchants. Don’t miss it! One of the island’s head chefs will make sure the food is as good as the wine.

Location: paal 20, De Koog

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Long June

Multiple Locations
01-06-2019 - 30-06-2019

Long June is Texel’s month of culture, a month with a large number of events with a focus on art, culture and music. Enjoy these amazing performances and show. During Long June...

... you can admire artwork, watch cabaret and theatre shows, listen to a range artists performing live but the real highlight is Sommeltjespop, the music festival.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

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Agricultural Day

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn’s Agricultural Day is a well-known event at which local Texel business can exhibit their products during a varied and fun programme. There are...

... various demonstrations and activities, including a tractor show, a gooseherd, a wood artist and much more. The youngest visitors can visit the petting farm.

Location: Kerkstraat 4-6 Den Hoorn

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De Koog's Fair

De Koog
18-07-2018 - 23-07-2018

A range of fairground attractions, large and small, are set up at Nikadel car park on the edge of the centre. This fair has something for people of all ages, from roundabouts...

 ... bumper cars and from candyfloss to the funhouse. People of all ages look forward the week of the fair. Thrillseekers will love the Bomber: up and up it goes, at top speed.

Location: Stappenland 2, De Koog

Horizon Tour

Den Burg, Oudeschild
04-08-2018 - 05-08-2018

The Horizon Tour is a fleet of authentic flat-bottomed boats full of performing artists. This floating festival passes all the islands of the Wadden Sea, stopping off at Texel too. While it’s here...

... you can watch and listen to great shows, demonstrations and music performed by these creative sailors in Den Burg and Oudeschild. It’s enchanting!

Location: Multiple locations

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Oudeschild’s harbour is the backdrop for HavenVIStijn, an event where Texel’s fishing fleet and the public meet. There is a range of fun activities and demonstrations, so why not...

... Stroll past the fish stalls at HavenVistijn and how the various species are related. Sample freshly fried or smoked fish, take part in an activity or sail with the lifeboat crew.

Location: Oudeschild

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Ouwe sunderklaas

Multiple Locations

People who really know Texel love Ouwe Sunderklaas! This folkloric festival unfolds in the evening, in living rooms and on the streets. The islanders poke fun at events on the island. Every village still has...

... its own traditions for Ouwe Sunderklaas. Exciting events of the past year are relived by villagers in fancy dress. Afterwards, everyone reveals his or her identity and shares a drink on the streets.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

Super Sunday MTB

Den Burg

The biggest challenge in cycling is here on Texel! Super Sunday is cycle tour through the farmland, woods and dunes and across the beach. The tour is no less than 100 kilometres! The Super Sunday Texel...

... is now the largest event that also allows for shorter distances, while many mountain-bike riders come for the friendly atmosphere.

Location: Emmalaan 15, Den Burg

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Struûn Texel

Den Burg
16-11-2018 - 18-11-2018

Struûn Texel in Den Burg features 13 stages with music, culture, cabaret and art. Watch all the free activities throughout Den Burg! Struûn Texel is a free, 3-day...

  ... not-to-be-missed event if you are visiting Texel. 

Location: Multiple Locations

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Texel Culinair

De Koog
14-09-2018 - 16-09-2018

Come and sample traditional Texel food or discover the latest culinary trends! Texel’s greatest gourmet event has it all. Try it “sien Tessels” - Texel style - in De Koog. At Texel Culinair...

... several Texel restaurants prepare tiny dishes from their menus. Stroll from tent to tent and savour the bites; Kogertjes are the means of payment here. True Texel friendliness! 

Location: Dorpsstraat, De Koog

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Texel Darts

De Cocksdorp
12-01-2018 - 14-01-2018

Once again, the Texel Darts Trophy will be held at De Krim Holiday Park in 2018. There are multiple categories for the players to compete in! The Texel Darts Trophy is an annual...

... event held at ‘t Paviljoen in De Krim Holiday Park. Contestants come from all over the Netherlands to win a place in the top 3.

Location: Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp

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Texel Half Marathon

Multiple Locations

Texel’s half marathon starts at the ferry to Texel. Leaving the ferry, the course takes in dunes, beach and woodland to finish in Den Burg. Other distances are 6 or 10 km. The half marathon...

 ... On Texel begins at the ferry and passes lots of amazing wildlife areas. The course ends with a festive welcome in Den Burg. It’s a great spectator event too.

Location: Pontweg 1, Den Hoorn

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Sheepbreeding Day

Den Burg

Every year, on the first Monday of September, it’s Texel’s Sheepbreeding Day. It’s the day when the best of the herd exchange hands - in the traditional way. Sheepbreeding Day on Texel...

... is famous at home and abroad. Many visitors come a few days early to select the sheep at the farm. The sheep are sold in the traditional way: by slapping hands!

Location: Groeneplaats, Den Burg


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All prices of 2018 include VAT, reservation fee, final cleaning and bedlinen for the 1st person (holiday homes/furnished tents). The prices do not include the mandatory linen for the 2nd person, which cost € 8.50 pp - (holiday homes/furnished tents) evenas the tourist tax of €1.75 that is charged per night, up to 7 nights. Prices subject to change.

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