Special events in true island style

Events on Texel

So much to do all year round!

Culture, music or sports lover? Texel has lots to offer all year round! Surprising, special events in true island style! Below is an overview of fun events to look forward to in the coming months.

The best events on Texel 

End of the year market

Den Burg

 A visit to the end-of-the-year market in Den Burg is a must for those who aren’t quite in a winter mood yet. On 27 December, many activities will be organised in the centre of Den Burg: ...

... a varied music programme, various delicacies and drinks, fire pits for warming up and much more! The market takes place between 14:00 and 21:00. So you’ll have plenty of time to quietly stroll along the stalls. 

Location: Den Burg

New Year's Dip

Multiple Locations

Start the New Year with a chilly dip in the North Sea at one of the entrances to the beach at Poles 9, 20 or 28. Put on your bikini, swimsuit or trunks and take a dive with hundreds of islanders...

... and tourists for a fresh New Year. Then warm up with some nice hot traditional pea soup or a Texel dram. 

Location: Paal 28, De Cocksdorp. Paal 9, Den Hoorn. Paal 20, De Koog

Pink Floyd Sound

De Cocksdorp

Pink Floyd Sound is coming to Texel on Saturday 1 December. The tribute band will be performing Pink Floyd’s legendary rock opera at the new event hall at Holiday Park De Krim...

... Combine your evening out with a wonderful stay on Texel, view our special offers! 

Location: Eventhall Texel - De Cocksdorp

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Theatershow Derek Ogilvie

De Cocksdorp

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Derek Ogilvie with his 'Hello Again Tour' will visit Texel. He performs at the new event hall at De Krim Holiday Park in De Cocksdorp (Texel). Perhaps this is your chance to get in touch with your deceased loved ones... 

...Combine the theater visit with a wonderful stay on Texel with the Derek Ogilvie Hotel package! 

Location: Event hall Texel - De Cocksdorp

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Saint Nicolas


Can you see the steamboat? It’s bringing Saint Nicolas and his helpers to Oudeschild’s harbour. His arrival is followed by a fun programme on the quay. When the Saint’s boat moors in Oudeschild...

... it’s time for a party! Festive songs are sung, traditional pepernoten are handed out and children have the chance to present Sint Nicolas with their wishlist!

Location: Haven 2, Oudeschild

Ouwe sunderklaas

Multiple Locations

People who really know Texel love Ouwe Sunderklaas! This folkloric festival unfolds in the evening, in living rooms and on the streets. The islanders poke fun at events on the island. Every village still has...

... its own traditions for Ouwe Sunderklaas. Exciting events of the past year are relived by villagers in fancy dress. Afterwards, everyone reveals his or her identity and shares a drink on the streets.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

Christmas market


 The annual atmospheric Oosterend Christmas market is a true tradition. Be surprised by the great atmosphere of this Christmas market. Stroll through the narrow streets around ...

... the big church and enjoy the small stalls with fun (Christmas) items. The Christmas market starts at 16:00 and ends at 20:00. 

Location: Around the big church, Oosterend

Singing under the tree

De Koog

 On Christmas Eve, the residents of De Koog sing along with tourists under the big Christmas tree on the village square. ...


 ... Everyone is welcome to come sing along at 19:00. You are of course also welcome to just come watch. 

Location: Dorpsplein, De Koog 

Winter hike

Den Hoorn

 Hiking association het Gouden Boltje organises a Winter Hike. With this walk you can choose whether to walk 5 or 10 kilometres. Participation costs ...

... €2 for members and €3 for non-members. Participation is free for children under 12. The start is between 13:00 and 14:00. The starting point is Restaurant BOSQ.

Location: Bakkenweg 16, Restaurant BOSQ, Den Hoorn  

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Texel Darts

De Cocksdorp
11-01-2019 - 13-01-2019

Once again, the Texel Darts Trophy will be held at De Krim Holiday Park in 2019. There are multiple categories for the players to compete in! The Texel Darts Trophy is an annual...

... event held at ‘t Paviljoen in De Krim Holiday Park. Contestants come from all over the Netherlands to win a place in the top 3.

Location: Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp

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De Koog

The TexelTrail is a challenging run through Texel’s rugged dunes. Space, wind and water are typical elements of running through Texel’s countryside. Come and watch! The course is ...

... off-road, with tracks on sand, grass, shell paths and mud. The course runs through De Nederlanden, De Muy, De Slufter, Bleekersvallei and the woodland close to De Koog.

Location: Badweg 33, De Koog

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Super Sunday MTB

Den Burg

The biggest challenge in cycling is here on Texel! Super Sunday is cycle tour through the farmland, woods and dunes and across the beach. The tour is no less than 100 kilometres! The Super Sunday Texel...

... is now the largest event that also allows for shorter distances, while many mountain-bike riders come for the friendly atmosphere.

Location: Emmalaan 15, Den Burg

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King's Day

Den Burg

27 April is King’s Day! This festive event is celebrated in the bustling centre of Den Burg with a range of activities for all ages. King’s Day is a party throughout...

 ... Den Burg, with lots to do in the Wezentuin, on Groeneplaats, Cinema Texel’s terrace and a flea market. 

Location: Den Burg

Wadden Bird Festival

De Cocksdorp
10-05-2019 - 12-05-2019

Birds are everywhere on Texel: there are many different species, often rare ones. Discover Texel’s wealth of birds at the Wadden Bird Festival. Texel has 380 different species of birds...

 ... so it has more birds than anywhere else in the Netherlands. The nutrient-rich mudflats are great stopovers for migrating birds. The event offers visitors lots to do.

Location: Kikkertstraat 42-44, De Cocksdorp

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Life Boat Day

Multiple Locations

In the May holidays, the Dutch coastguard hold their annual Life Boat Day, when the rescue stations open their doors to the public and invite them to have a look. Listen to the exciting...

... stories the crew have to tell. They are glad to explain why their work is so important. If you are a donor, you can join them in a fast life boat; if you donate on the spot, you can sail with them!

Location: Haven 26, Oudeschild

Volharding 3, De Cocksdorp

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Long June

Multiple Locations
01-06-2019 - 30-06-2019

Long June is Texel’s month of culture, a month with a large number of events with a focus on art, culture and music. Enjoy these amazing performances and show. During Long June...

... you can admire artwork, watch cabaret and theatre shows, listen to a range artists performing live but the real highlight is Sommeltjespop, the music festival.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

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Beer festival

Den Burg
08-06-2019 - 09-06-2019

Come and enjoy a beer at Den Burg’s specialty beer festival. Live music plays while you have the chance to sample a range of special draught beers. This festival is held every...

... year in Wezentuin Park in Den Burg. Over 12 sorts of speciality draught beer from all over the Netherlands, including Texel of course! Everyone’s welcome.

Location: Parkstraat 36, Den Burg

Round Texel Race

Multiple Locations

'The Round Texel Race is the catamaran race in the world. Hundreds of “cat” sailors come to Texel and sail around the island as fast as possible. It’s a stunning sight. The start and finish are...

 ... at Pole 17. Good views of the race can be had from various spots. At Pole 17, near the lighthouse, from the dyke at Oosterend and at NOIZ, at Oudeschild’s harbour and at `t Horntje.

Locatie: Multiple Locations

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De Waal

Sommeltjespop is a very professional, free pop festival. In recent years, it has grown into a large festival with a great atmosphere and many different artists. Sommeltjespop is...

... held in De Waal and is known for its relaxed, island ambiance. There are several stages and a surprising line-up, with something for everyone at Texel’s favourite pop festival.

Location: De Waal

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Day of the Sheep

Den Hoorn

Enter the world of sheep on the “Day of the Sheep”, which features competitions, demonstrations and various sheep breed shows. Sheep are...

... sheared, milked and their hooves trimmed. Watch sheepmilking and sheepshearing contests or buy souvenirs. The venue is next to Den Hoorn’s church, or Novalishoeve if the weather is bad.


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De Cocksdorp
20-07-2019 - 21-07-2019

Feel the need for speed at the MAB’s off-road circuit on Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July. At this speed weekend, cars race in various categories. Races are held on Saturday and Sunday...

... by junior races, rodeo, bangerstox, free class and stock cars. Island racers have the chance to test their skills against each other at this spectacular event. 

Location: Hoofdweg 35, De Cocksdorp

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Agricultural Day

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn’s Agricultural Day is a well-known event at which local Texel business can exhibit their products during a varied and fun programme. There are...

... various demonstrations and activities, including a tractor show, a gooseherd, a wood artist and much more. The youngest visitors can visit the petting farm.

Location: Kleiweg, near Den Hoorn. 

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Horizon Tour

Den Burg, Oudeschild
03-08-2019 - 04-08-2019

The Horizon Tour is a fleet of authentic flat-bottomed boats full of performing artists. This floating festival passes all the islands of the Wadden Sea, stopping off at Texel too. While it’s here...

... you can watch and listen to great shows, demonstrations and music performed by these creative sailors in Den Burg and Oudeschild. It’s enchanting!

Location: Multiple locations

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Oudeschild’s harbour is the backdrop for HavenVIStijn, an event where Texel’s fishing fleet and the public meet. There is a range of fun activities and demonstrations, so why not...

... Stroll past the fish stalls at HavenVistijn and how the various species are related. Sample freshly fried or smoked fish, take part in an activity or sail with the lifeboat crew.

Location: Oudeschild

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Tropcial festival

De Koog
23-08-2019 - 24-08-2019

At the Tropical Sea Festival, various bands play live at the restaurants and cafés in De Koog. The music fills the sultry summer nights on Texel. It’s a cheerful and...

colourful festival: the Tropical Sea Festival. First, several bands play their music in the main street of the village; then the party continues in the little pubs.

Location: De Koog

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Den Hoorn
29-05-2020 - 31-05-2020

Every 2 years, this 3-day home-theatre festival Broadway is held at Whitsun weekend. The charming village of Den Hoorn is turned into...

... A veritable Broadway, where every “theatre” becomes a venue for an amazing performance. More than 30 living rooms and garages are transformed into real, tiny theatres. Get refreshments between performances from street-food stalls.

Location: Den Hoorn

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All prices of 2019 include VAT, reservation fee, final cleaning and bedlinen for the 1st person (holiday homes/furnished tents). The prices do not include the mandatory linen for the 2nd person, which cost € 8.95 pp - (holiday homes/furnished tents) evenas the tourist tax of €1.85 that is charged per night, up to 7 nights. Prices subject to change.

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