Gallop across the beach

Horse riding on Texel

Most horse lovers dream of galloping across the beach. Enjoying the fresh sea air, admiring panoramic views on horseback … There are a number of riding schools on Texel that organise beach and woodland rides, but also more than enough stabling opportunities for you to bring your own horse on holiday!

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Bring your own horse to Texel!

Do you own a horse and would you love to bring it on holiday to Texel with you? No problem. Simply drive your car and horse trailer or lorry onto the ferry and off you go. When it's busy, you and your horse have priority on the ferry so you won't have to miss a crossing. However, do make sure you're on time, because if the ferry is full when you arrive, we will unfortunately be unable to accommodate you. The crossing takes about 20 minutes and you can stay with your horse the whole time. The short, steady ferry ride means your horse won’t really experience any sailing stress. On Texel you can stable your horse at Manage Kikkert, Paardenhotel Texel, Ruigehoogte, Eagles Ranch or Madura Texel. Depending on which park or campsite you are staying at, you won’t have any trouble finding nearby stables; with grazing facilities also available in most cases. But, of course, you will also want to go on fantastic rides together, perhaps in the pine forest and dunes, or on the beach. There are various riding trails, which are marked out with signs showing a horse and rider. Gallop through the surf with the wind in your face and the horse's mane This way, both you and your horse enjoy a wonderful holiday!


On horseback

Do you ride often? On Texel, you can go on group forest and beach rides, thanks to the various riding centres. Advanced riders can take part in beach rides. For less advanced riders, there are forest rides, where there is only walking and trotting. For small children, there is the possibility to rent a pony and go on small laps through the forest under the supervision of parents or grandparents. 

By horse-drawn wagon

Would you like to go on a tour of Texel, but preferably not on horseback? If so, you should go for a ride in the Jan Plezier overed wagon! You will be pulled along by gorgeous Belgian Drafts and have a great time bumping along the beach and woods. Enjoy the Texel scenery on this fun-filled ride. There are facilities for guests with special needs, with room for wheelchairs in the covered wagon. Dogs are also welcome on board the Jan Plezier.

Our Texel Tips for you
Horseback riding

Horseback riding

De Koog

Enjoy a wonderful beach or forest ride and discover Texel on horseback.



Den Burg
02-05-2025 - 04-05-2025

The equestrian event of Texel!

Stables on Texel

Stables on Texel

De Koog

Are you an experienced rider or do you just want to get started with the riding sport? Visit one of the stables on Texel!

Jan Plezier wagon trips

Jan Plezier wagon trips

De Koog

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Texel with Belgian Draft horses.

Book your stay on Texel

Can you see yourself galloping through the woods or the surf? Texel offers plenty of opportunities for horseback riding. How about organized tours from De Koog? On the back of a horse or in a covered wagon behind it. And staying the night? You can stay at one of the parks of De Krim Texel.

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